5 Christmas Gifts for Girls (that will connect them to Jesus)


5 Christmas Gifts for Girls (that will connect them to Jesus)

When it comes to Christmas shopping, I’ve noticed quite a bit of women in a frenzy trying to secure the latest craze for their loved ones. Gifts have become overrated, over the top, and beyond my price range! It’s all about the latest technology, the newest toys/gadgets, and expensive clothes that will go out of style by next year.

5 Christmas Gifts For Girls That Will Connect Them To Jesus - Raising Sticky Hands To Heaven


I’ve never been one to understand going into debt over things that are too quickly cast aside- especially since we’ve seemed to have forgotten the greatest gift of all time…..the one that didn’t come wrapped in sparkly paper with a giant glittery bow, but in swaddling clothes…..the one that is the true purpose for the Christmas season- Jesus!

Presence over Presents

Presents are no longer meaningful. And along with everything else in the world these days, they can distract us from our relationship with God. So instead of buying electronics and apps that will consume their time or toys that won’t last, let’s get our daughters gifts that will guide them to a closer walk with the Lord. Instead of swiping your credit card for whatever gifts are all the rage, look for items that will help your daughter seek His presence.

Whether your daughter (daughter/niece/cousin/best friend/student/etc.) is a youngster, a preteen, or heading off to college, these inexpensive gifts are the perfect options to point them to a personal relationship with the star of Christmas Himself and will even last well beyond December!


Music is everywhere and it is feeding our minds, sometimes without us even realizing it. Why not buy a cd for your daughter that will influence her in a positive way? My suggestions would be something like Francesca Battistelli’s latest album entitled If We’re Honest or Barlow Girl’s Never Alone album.

I have only heard two songs from Francesca’s latest cd, but I quickly fell in love with them both. “Write Your Story” and “He Knows My Name” have awesome lyrics that will build her confidence as a child of God. And if the rest of the cd is anything like those two songs or anything else Francesca has done, I know it’ll be wonderful!


Barlow Girl’s Never Alone album is a little older, but I remember when I first listened to this cd. My exact thoughts were, “Every young/teenage girl needs this cd!” With songs like “Average Girl,” “Mirror,” and “Clothes,” this cd will encourage your daughter to love who God created her to be and trust in His plans for her life.



A journal is an excellent choice and can be used in several ways. She can write her thoughts, prayers, favorite scriptures, et c. You might even start it for her by writing some encouraging quotes and scriptures or with a special note. I thank my seven year old for giving me this idea when she asked for one for Christmas to write prayers in. Journals come in various shapes, sizes, and designs. Be sure to choose one specific to her uniqueness.



Brands like Kerusso and Cherished Girl offer t-shirts with adorable designs and scriptures for all ages. You can also find jewelry with scriptures or uplifting words. Offer the gift along with this challenge: Don’t just wear it- live it!

Anyone can wear a Christian t-shirt. Encourage your daughter to walk the walk and use this gift as a reminder that she is a daughter of the King.



Like journals, you will have a variety to choose from, once again for all ages. Dayspring offers a line of Daybrighteners that can be used from year to year and the designs are endless. With a daily devotional calendar, she will be able to start each day in the word.

A couple of years ago, my husband bought me the Jesus Calling by Sarah Young daybrightener. I keep it beside my bed with my Bible. Every morning I flip the page, read the short devotion, and then look up the scriptures that go along with it. There’s nothing like getting in the word first thing!


Have you seen the different Bibles available? There are children’s Bibles, teen Bibles, Bibles specifically for women or girls, Bibles specifically for cancer survivors, the list goes on. I love my KJV Bible that is chocolate brown and pink. What girl wouldn’t? 😉 Out of all the gifts that may engage the light and love of Jesus in your daughter’s life, the Bible is the most essential. No matter how old she is, she needs her own copy of life’s handbook.

Along with the Bible, you may add accessories such as the following: Bible cover, colorful pens/highlighters, notepad, sticky notes, and/or bookmarks. No Bible is complete without favorite or key scriptures highlighted or notes in the margin, right? I know if you were to flip through my Bibles, you might be able to read the story of my life in between the lines. With these Bible accessories, she can make her Bible her own.

All of these gifts can be found at your local Christian bookstores and gift shops. You’ve heard from me, now I want to hear from you! What items would you add to this list?

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