DianiaDiania lives in the Inland Empire area of Southern California, not far from Angie. In fact, they attend the same church & have known each other since the mid nineties. (Angie can often be heard referring to Diania as her “Church Mom.”) She’s been with her husband, Glenn, for 38 years & married for 26. Together they have 3 grown children: Becky, 35, Hoss, 33, & Adam, 24… along with 7 grandchildren. Diania grew up in a large family with 6 sisters & 1 brother totaling 8 children in their family. She’s known in her church family for taking the prayer reigns when a miracle needs to happen & making sure everyone keeps praying until that miracle comes to place. She loves poetry, photography, & scrap-booking… but hates rainy gloomy days & June bugs.

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