After The Rain – Bonus Song Of The Week!


After The Rain – Bonus Song Of The Week!

Now, you know there’s absolutely no way to listen to one Aaron Jeffrey song without listening to all of them. That’s why I wanted to include this bonus song of the week featuring one of their big hits, “After the Rain.” This was always one of my favorites and I find myself using it as a reminder from time to time. Rain is a necessity, but sometimes it isn’t fun. However, we can be sure to look forward to the light of the sun/Son after the rain. Be blessed!






After The Rain
by Aaron Jeffrey

I cover my heart Turn from the wind Button my coat
Here comes the storm again
What can I do but to trust in Him
‘Cause I know the deeper my faith runs
The stronger I become
And the thunder, it may shake me
But I always know that

After the rain
You can look to the sky again
The clouds will give way
To the light of the sun
After the rain
You know that you’ve made it through
And you’ll finally see the joy from the pain
After the rain

Everyone needs Everyone hurts Everyone feels
The weight of the world sometimes
But don’t let the wind sweep your heart away
‘Cause even the roughest waters cleanse
So when they come again
Let them serve as a reminder
You can always know that

Can’t you see the hand of Jesus
Reaching out for you
You never have to face the storm alone


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