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Why Are Children So Messy?

I, for one, know that my house will NEVER be SPOTLESS. At least the one on this side of Glory. I have 4 children for goodness sake! lol Four, blessed, wonderful children, whom have to have fires lit under their bottoms to get ANYTHING DONE lately. (Not literally, of course. My children have not been harmed by fire or in anyway for the sake of this blog or for any other reason for that matter.)

I’m sure it’s not just my “chilruns” whom have become lazy and and unruly. They, for sure and certain, are getting their fair share of discipline. BUT, how hard is it to pick up your dirty clothes off of the floor? Can’t be any harder than sitting there building your Legos and reaching for your Hot-Wheels.


Why are children so messy?

Four, blessed, wonderful children, an amazing husband that is a great provider, a cute little dog “Chief”, and a partridge in a pear tree…


All four of them are old enough to know not to throw trash on the floor, but it doesn’t mean that the dog won’t drag it out or they’re not going to put it on the floor anyways. If you see trash on the floor, pick it up… DUH! If the trash can is overflowing, take the trash out…DUH!

They do think that our money tree over harvested this year… you know? The one in our backyard, right beside the pond made of liquid gold? Every time we turn around, our oldest needs money for one school club or another. There are countless fundraisers going on and of course, everyone wants you to buy from them but they don’t have the money to buy from you… Wait! Did you hear that? Ohhhh, just more money falling from my money tree out back. 🙂


Why are kids so messy?

Our lives may not be perfect, but our lives are definitely more than blessed…


As I come to the end of this blog, I look around at the basket of socks begging to join their long lost partners; I see the few dog toys laying around because our dog can not stand for them to be put away; I see the pile of clothes that I folded a bit ago that belong to my oldest daughter, who has yet to put them away; The couch pillows are in desperate need of fluffing: and that’s just the living room… Dare I make my way through the house? Pray people, PRAY! I’m going in…


Ticket To Nineveh

Has God been calling you to do something and you are running away from it faster than a cat with it’s tail on fire?

Well, as most of you know, Jonah had to stop running eventually. When God told him to go to Nineveh, Jonah was like, “no way, no Sir, no how!” He even turned and went the opposite direction to put as much space between him and his destiny as he possibly could. No matter where he went though, he could not escape the calling of God Almighty.


God is calling - How will you answer - Will you be like Jonah or answer the call to Nineveh

Because of his disobedience, he had to be thrown overboard from the ship to Tarshish. He didn’t realize beforehand that the decisions that he was making, had a great effect on those he was in company with or those around him. His decision to disobey God caused the boat to sway to and fro in a rage. The other men on the boat were scared and knew that this kind of rage could only come from God.

God had already had the “big fish” prepared to swallow Jonah up. Can you imagine being in the actually belly of a fish? With all the stomach acids and inner parts? You know that it couldn’t have smelled very well. He wasn’t just there for one day either, but 3 days and nights!

This gave him plenty of time to think, pray, and humble himself before God. After those 3 days, he was vomited up onto dry land, and from there, Jonah went on to Nineveh as he was supposed to in the first place, which led to a mighty work of God in that city.

Do you realize that if you’re not walking in His calling, you are pulling against Him? Your decision affects those around you. You could be the only Bible that other people read. There may be someone around you that doesn’t know Jesus and YOU are the one that is supposed to be a witness to them.

If God is calling you to something, which ticket are you going to purchase? One to Tarshish or one to Nineveh?


Restoring Value

Vanity -excessive pride in one’s appearance, qualities, abilities, achievements, etc.; character or quality of being vain; conceit: Failure to be elected was a great blow to his vanity.
-an instance or display of this quality or feeling.
-something about which one is vain.
-lack of real value; hollowness; worthlessness: the vanity of a selfish life.
-something worthless, trivial, or pointless.

Our children today are so vain at younger and younger ages. I fear for the girls, especially, because they have de-valued themselves so low, that it’s hard to re-teach them the value of their lives. Young ladies feel like they have to do whatever it takes to gain attention from boys or men and if they don’t get that attention, they feel worthless.

They paint themselves in so much make up, that they don’t even realize their true beauty anymore. A little make up is fine, but don’t hide yourself. They wear their shirts waaaay low and their skirts/shorts waaaay high, clothes tight, so that “everything” shows. They compromise their bodies and do things that they know deep down they don’t really want to do.


You see, we were all born with a God shaped hole right in our hearts. This worth, affection, and acceptance can only be found in Christ Jesus. - Karen Wilds, Raising Sticky Hands To Heaven


Being vain doesn’t give you self worth. Getting attention from men/boys is the wrong type of affection to be searching for.

You see, we were all born with a “God shaped hole” right in our hearts. This worth, affection, and acceptance can only be found in Christ Jesus. When you accept Him and strive to live your life for Him, everything else falls into place. That emptiness and void will be filled.

If you know some young ladies that live this way, show them God’s love and let them know that their value can be restored.


Let’s Talk Modesty…

“Oh my gosh! Look how short her dress is!”
“Can you believe they wore shorts to church?”
“You know she doesn’t even have a bra on under that top!?”

Being raised in church all of my life, there are some “trainings” that we take for granted. Just because I was taught modesty, doesn’t mean that everyone else has been given this lesson. I have been trying to instill into my children, that if someone visits our church dressed “differently” than we would dress, that they may not know better, not to judge them, and if they commit themselves to God, He will show them the proper way to dress in public areas.


Let's Talk Modesty - Raising Sticky Hands To Heaven


When you dress modestly, you are not show-y as in “look at me! Aren’t I cute?” You have all of your “parts” covered. Some girls don’t leave anything to the imagination. Dressing nicely and “looking all good” isn’t thrown out the window. Confidence is a good thing, just don’t let it turn to vanity.

Some Christians have “made it their place” to tell others what they do and how they dress is wrong. That’s not what we were called to do. God has to do the convicting.

When this type of person comes into your church or home, etc., just love them. Our duty is to show Christ’s love to others.

Modesty =
the quality of being modest; freedom from vanity, boastfulness, etc.
regard for decency of behavior, speech, dress, etc., simplicity; moderation.

  1. the quality or condition of being modest

  2. ( modifier ) designed to prevent inadvertent exposure of part of the body: a modesty flap

I’ve heard it said, “Ladies, dress how you would want other women to dress in front of your husband or sons.”

This is a great rule of thumb as you get dressed for the day. Unless you’re just going to lay around or stay at home for the day. Then, order calls for a Muumuu! Comfort by all means!


That’s Me! (Jack of All Trades; Master of None)

If ever I have time to relax, and that’s a big IF, I enjoy doing a variety of things. I guess I would call myself a Hobbyist. I like to try to make new things, at least once, just to say that I did it. The least it can do is go wrong, right?

I enjoy working on projects for church, whether it involves food, baking, crafts, gifts, etc. Recently, I did a baby shower for one of my cousins, and OH THE POSSIBILITIES! I had to make myself stop! I loved seeing what else I could come up with, though our budget definitely didn’t love it.

I have recently re-kindled my love for painting. Seeing what I can come up with is part of the fun and painting things that the kids ask me for, gets the creative juices flowing.




My youngest son is into the reptile / amphibian stage and wanted a canvas of a snake. Since I don’t like snakes, I had to be creative and do a cutesy, yet not toooo cutesy snake, since he is 9 years old, that would still have the WOW factor. To me, it was still more for a “little boy”, and he will ALWAYS be my little boy, but he still loved it just the way it was.

My niece Adah loves all things dinosaurs! She turned 4 on June 18, so for her birthday, I painted 2 dino pics for her. They have just the right amount of girliness for a little girl that loves dinos! I didn’t want to leave out her sister Naomi, so I asked her what she would like. I did a butterfly for her.

Essie loves the Lalaloopsy Dolls. I haven’t painted any of those recently, but did several for her in the past. Her latest canvas for her room was an owl. Owls are pretty popular right now, so I used bright colors to go with her personality.

Josie’s new canvas painting was of a Cross. I used colors and designs that would give it a 3-D effect. It’s so hard to please a teenager these days, so when she loved it, I was more than happy.

Isaac’s was the most specific painting that I had to paint. He asked for a Fender Stratocaster Guitar in certain colors. Of course I was like, “You’ve got to be kidding me?“, but being the mother that aims to please, I “googled” images of certain Fender Stratocasters. Though it wasn’t a perfect painting, you would have thought that it was the best one ever! And seeing the rare glimpse of excitement in the face of a preteen boy, all because of a picture that I painted of something that he has a love for, was totally priceless!

Is there anything that you enjoy doing that can also bring happiness to someone else? It doesn’t have to be anything major. Sometimes, the smallest act of kindness or the simplest of gestures, can mean the world of difference to someone. See what you can come up with.


No Good, Very Bad Day, Err… Week (A Call For Prayer!)

The above title is partly taken from a book that I’ve read before, but this phrase has stuck with me on this day.


Photo Credit Maira Kouvara

Photo Credit Maira Kouvara


Have you ever had one of those days (and I’m sure you have or you wouldn’t be human) where everything went wrong? Every time you turned around, something else was happening that was turning everything upside down, inside out, and throwing everything off?


Photo Credit Maira Kouvara

Photo Credit Maira Kouvara


Well, today would have been one of those days for me. As a matter of fact, the last several days have been that way. Aggravation has been the yoke around my neck. The kids have not listened to anything all week long and it is all catching up with me.

This is supposed to be summer break since school is out, but I haven’t had a break yet… with no end in sight. “Can you do this for me?”, “Can you do such and such for this situation?”, “We need your help. It takes everybody together to get things done.”… yet while I usually enjoy helping others, getting “weary in well doing” has set in. Rarely getting a “thank you”, is becoming noticeable, though I know I’m not supposed to be expecting one. If I don’t help do something, I feel bad about it.

Photo Credit Maxime Perron Caissy

Photo Credit Maxime Perron Caissy


I have no one to help me when I need it though. My house has gotten away from me, the kids are acting like we haven’t raised them right at all, money isn’t coming in like it should, though I’ve never seen the righteous forsaken nor His seed begging bread! My God shall supply all our needs according to His riches in glory!

I’ve been helping David mow to save time and money, especially on Wednesdays, so that he can go to church with us as a family. Otherwise, he wouldn’t get finished in time. Well, yesterday was a busy day for me from sun up to sun down. My time was cut short for mowing due to my doctor’s appointment, taking the kids and picking them up from Bible School, waiting at the pharmacy, Josie’s orthodontist appointment, getting supper, getting kids to church an hour early so that they could have dance practice, and still mowing these “Wednesday yards” for our lawn care service. With our oldest son helping, it takes about 1 hour and 45 minutes to do 2 particular homes. I had a certain time to be home to get a shower before Jo’s appt. The yard of these 2 that I take care of is rather large. Somehow, I gently “backed” my 60 inch, zero turn John Deere mower into the garage door. Barely tapped it, but left a HUGE indention anyways. Though we have mowers insurance, the way it works defeats the purpose of having it, so now, I’m have to price garage door panels (2) to replace them. Thank God the home owner wasn’t mad and is generally “easy going”. Another day; Another dollar; Out the window and not taking care of our bills or groceries… URGH!


Photo Credit Colin Brough

Photo Credit Colin Brough


Then today, our other mower, same brand and size, fairly new, just stops working… Won’t even come on. No explanation thus far. The hedge trimmers have gone out. Though David is the Fire Chief, that is not our main income, (doesn’t bring in as much as what people would expect.) Our mowing is our main income and it seems like everything is going haywire.


Photo Credit Chris Scott

Photo Credit Chris Scott


Today, I also spent 4 and a half hours in the E.R. with Josie. She’s had right side pain for 5 days. Since her Dr. is going out of town, she wanted to go ahead and get a cat scan done to be on the safe side. She has had a cyst burst on her ovary.

It can only get better from here, right? Right? I am soooo tired. Physically. Mentally. Emotionally. Spiritually. Drained.


Photo Credit Vaughan Willis

Photo Credit Vaughan Willis


As I said before, usually I LOVE helping others. I live for it. I just need a break for just one little moment. Just to let me catch my breath and get some healing. Then, I’ll jump back in with both feet and go just as hard if not harder! I want to be Kingdom minded with all of my heart. To be the extension of Christ’s hands and feet. I want a servants heart.

With that said, I’m asking, begging, for prayer! For strength, restoration, for I know that joy is going to come in the morning! Thank you for reading my whining with the realization that I am a Christian that is still human and I face everyday struggles just like you. I greatly appreciate the prayers! Be blessed!


Photo Credit Martin Boulanger

Photo Credit Martin Boulanger


Note from Angie: UPDATE! This post was written on June 6th by Karen. (Due to my health it sat in my inbox waiting to be posted. Sorry Karen!)

Since then, her health, among other things, has been attacking her left and right. She is a strong woman of God and the enemy does not like what she is doing for The Lord’s Kingdom! Please be in prayer for Karen, her family, their finances, and all of their health.

Actually, make that for all of our bloggers… Everyone at RSHTH has been under attack lately! We are kicking that devil under our feet and claiming what is rightly ours!

Will you join us in prayer? Please and thank you. I’m so tired of seeing my best friend suffer, and she is tired of seeing me suffer as well. We declare HEALING in the name of JESUS! AMEN!


We are declaring WAR against the enemy! We must stop these attacks. We will NOT stand by and allow this to continually happen to us or our loved ones.  Pray with us! Photo Credit Remigiusz Szczerbak

We are declaring WAR against the enemy! We must stop these attacks. We will NOT stand by and allow this to continually happen to us or our loved ones. Pray with us!
Photo Credit Remigiusz Szczerbak


Food For Thought

Randomly, I will get on a kick to where I will eat only certain foods for a period of time or only like to cook certain foods. I’ll quit some dishes for a while then re-visit some. I tend to get burnt out quickly. I have certain “quirks” to go along with whatever I’m eating. For instance, if I’m eating a turkey sandwich, I have to have either peanut M&M’s with it or Sour Cream and Onion potato chips. Have to.

My husband & I at Lambert's Cafe

My husband & I at Lambert’s Cafe

Lately, we have been re-visiting good ol’ fashioned spaghetti. I used to despise it and can only sum it up to over use in our early years of marriage. Hey, it was cheap, fast, and easy.

I have my moments for PB&J for lunch with a big ol’ glass of milk. It’s the kid in me I guess. It was another staple in our early marriage. David took it to work for lunch everyday for almost 3 months. He was so sick of peanut butter!

My son & his pizza

My son & his pizza

I’m a cereal person, but not for breakfast. I like to eat my cereal at night before I go to bed. I know I’m weird… lol The cereal I’m on now is Honey Nut Cheerios Medley Crunch. I absolutely LOVE it. Apparently a lot of others do too, because they are always low on them at the store. I could eat it every day. Wait a minute… I do eat it every day!  For now… It will be something different in a few weeks. Before this one, it was Maple Brown Sugar Life. Everyday.

Being a creature of habit, I don’t try many new foods when we go to restaurants either. I usually order the same entree for each visit. At our local Mexican restaurant, I eat Grilled Chicken and Cheese with rice. When I go to O’Charley’s, I get the loaded potato soup and the club sandwich. Plain and simple. That’s just how I roll.

Dessert at Hard Rock Cafe. Mmm!

If you have any food fetishes, etc., that you would like to share with us, feel free to do so! We would absolutely love to hear from you! (Let me know I’m not alone! LOL)


Pursuing His Attention: A Lesson From My Cat

Every time I sit down, the cat will NOT stay out of my face. She’s constantly THERE. Rubbing her head on me, pawing at me, will NOT leave me alone.

Psst... This isn't really Liza Jane. It's a photo I took at the zoo a few months back.

Psst… This isn’t really Liza Jane. It’s a photo I took at the zoo a few months back.


It doesn’t matter what I’m doing, she’s going to try to be my first priority.Just absolutely aggravating at times when I’m actually doing something that matters.

It got me thinking though… What if we pursued God’s love and affection the way that Liza Jane tries to pursue mine? What if we stayed in His face, saying, “Here I am! I’m here to love on You and adore You! I want You to wrap me in Your arms and just let me cry Abba!” Oh, what joy He might feel at the overwhelming adoration that He would be receiving! Any love and praise that He receives from His children is welcomed. At any time! We were created to worship Him in spirit and in truth.

I challenge you to find some face to Face time with God. I know that I could use more.


Just A Snoozin’

I don’t have a clue what’s wrong with me!

As I get older, I’ve found that I am extremely exhausted during most of my waking hours. This is just nuts. No, I didn’t say that I was nuts, at least I don’t think that I did, but this entire situation is just NUTS.

I find myself falling asleep and snoozin’ during the day, often. Which is not good, considering my job. I am a substitute teacher…

Picture this. Classroom. Teacher sitting at a desk, head in hand, eyes shut ever so lightly, while a class full of middle schoolers, (or high, take your pick, it’s your imagination…lol), are pointing, snickering, and definitely not doing what they are supposed to be doing. Not a great scenario. See my dilemma?

I hear great things about B12. I get a B12 shot in the rump. Here I am expecting this sudden spike in energy. An urge of “do something”. An acceleration of neurons… well, you get the picture. Nada. Nothing. No super hero powers. Still the same ol’ me. Talkin’ about a let down. Man, was I disappointed.

Oh, well…

At this rate, I’ll have to have a caffeine drip to make it thru the next school year. I think I can manage over the summer since there is a little less responsibility. It shouldn’t be a problem since my husband has his EMT license, which means that he has an EMT emergency bag, which has IV supplies in it… Seems that all I should have to do is, drain the fluid that is in the bag, feel it with… You get the picture? (Not that I would EVER try this, hmm, ever…)

To make a long story short, I am sleepy and don’t have a clue why. It does affect my everyday life. I make myself get up at school so that the above situation does not happen, although recently, I was facing downward looking at a magazine, and did start snoozin’ for a few seconds and caught myself. Whew, glad I caught myself instead of a student, because I would have never heard the end of it. They are test reviewing right now, so there is a lot of “quiet” time. Hopefully, I will find a relief or maybe the next round of B12 will work. HOPEFULLY.

What tricks to spark energy have you tried? Did it work?


The Kids & Poppa C

Christmas 2010

Christmas 2010

My boys LOVED their Poppa C! They were his side kicks. He got them hooked on Kentucky basketball, introduced them to pork rinds, tried to get them to drink tomato juice, and told them how to plant, weed, and harvest a garden.

Poppa bought Isaac his first bass guitar and couldn’t wait to hear him play his first “real” notes on it. He let Creed spend countless, wasted hours in front of the television, just so he could get out of doing anything…

He was their Poppa.

He had nicknames for the younger grandgirls. Stinkpots 1, 2, and 3. He loved to tease each and every one of them and they ate it up.

It’s been a few weeks now since Poppa C passed away. Needless to say, the kids were crushed. Everyone’s lives have changed, but the change is different for the younger ones. No one will ever understand death, but explaining it to a child, impossible. It’s an unquenchable curiosity. The answer is never right or enough.

My boys were honorary pallbearers. They dressed in their very best suits, combed their hair over in the way that Poppa had so many times before, and walked behind the casket like little men. He would have been so proud of them.

Questions and comments still come everyday. “Momma, why did Poppa have to die?”, “I miss Poppa.”, “I wish Poppa didn’t die.”… I don’t always know what to say. The other day, Creed, my eight year old son, said, “Mom, if I call Poppa’s cell phone, will he answer it?”… That is how hard it has been on them. He just wanted to talk to his Poppa.

Our children do have the peace of knowing that Poppa C is in Heaven. He was a Christian man who shared the faith of Jesus Christ every where he went and with anyone. They know that they will see him again when we all get to Heaven.