Aww Man


Aww Man

Don’t you just hate it when your craving something really bad but you don’t have what your wanting?  Why does everything that tastes sooooo good, have to be soooooo bad?  I’ve heard the question asked, “Why does eating 1 pound of chocolate put 5 extra pounds on your thighs?”  Uggghhh!

As I have stated before, I am a food lover!  I can’t help it.  Especially if it’s rich and creamy.  I love lots of carbs, but they don’t love me back.  I put hot sauce on just about everything! I absolutely love it!  I like a few healthy things but no where near as many as I should. I’ve always been picky.  Always!

One of my new guilty pleasures, is “Cherry Limeades” from Sonic.  The nearest ones are both 15 miles away.  I have no reason to go to either town since our local Wal-Mart is just a mile and a half down the road. So my Limeades are few and far between.

I love anything hot and spicy and I also love chocolate.  So another guilty pleasure is “Chili Dark Chocolate” by Lindt.  It’s dark chocolate with a kick of spice.  Totally awesome!

So, do you have any guilty pleasures that you would like to share with us? If so, let us know!

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