Book Review: The First Children


Book Review: The First Children

Story by Philipe Carvalho
Illustrated by PJ Tamayo

The First Children is a unique take on an often told Biblical event…the making of Adam and Eve. Philipe Carvalho writes from the point of view of Adam and Eve being created as children.

The first few pages are a sort of narration by God, explaining to Adam how he came to be. The rest of the book shows how Adam excitedly explores the rest of God’s creation, leading up to the creation of Eve, his best friend.

Today I gathered around with my 2 daughters, Naomi and Adah (4 and 2), my nephew Creed (7), and their friend Articia (3). I got them together so I could read this book to them because I wanted their opinions on it. It is geared toward children, after all, not adults. [:)] It is specifically geared to children ages 4-8.

My younger 2 audience members, Adah and Articia, sat through about half of the book. They were interested in it in the beginning, but it didn’t capture their attention enough for them to sit til the end. The book isn’t very long, but there are quite a bit of words per page. Well, a bit too many for Adah and Articia, anyway. They were more interested in the pictures and it was taking too long (to them) for me to read and flip to the next page for another illustration by PJ Tamayo. However, a while after I finished reading the book to Naomi and Creed, Adah came running to me asking me to read her the rest of the story.

Naomi is my kid that absolutely loves to learn, so she sat there patiently as I read the book and then wanted to ask questions. She enjoyed the illustrations and the story. The illustration of Adam splashing in the river for the first time was her favorite. When I asked Creed what he thought about it, he said, “Good,” and shyly smiled. He probably wishes I would’ve let him read it himself instead of reading it to him.

All in all, the kids had fun taking a few minutes out of the day for this book. I have to admit, I have never thought about Adam and Eve being created as children, so it was quite interesting to experience Carvalho and Tamayo’s depiction of the beginning of mankind. If you haven’t experienced it yet, I encourage you to check it out. You can find it available here in the Raising Sticky Hands store.

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