I sit here typing while my mind is racing like a run away train. I’ve been thinking and pondering on those whom I used to look up to. Those who I watched while I was growing up and just knew that they would always be there to continue to lead others. I see the destructive path that they have taken and it breaks my heart. It’s like satan is the puppet master and his stealthy hands are directing the strings of their lives. Almost like a shadow of their former self is just in reach, but it’s no where near the person that they used to be.

The Bibles tells us, that in the last days, that the very elect will be deceived, if possible. As I see many leave the church, not just the church but Christ in general, it saddens me. I face my own trials but it is not flesh and blood that I battle. It is the powers and principalities of darkness. Why come this far, to turn and go back to a path that leads to destruction? “O, taste and see that the Lord is good!” How can anyone turn away after tasting the fruit of God?

There are many who took part in molding my Christian walk. But, there will always be those special ones who stick out the most in my minds eye. They’ve turned to alcohol, drugs, lust, deceit, and most anything that you can imagine that is considered un-Godly. People who walked under the anointing of the Spirit and unctioning of the Holy Ghost. Again, I ask myself, “How could they?”

I have never walked a mile in their shoes. I don’t know what daily demons that they face. I am most certainly not their judge. I do have to pray for them and love them. I haven’t seen some of them in years, but I cling to the hope, and have faith, that God will continue to deal with their heart, and that they will heed to the calling and wooing of His Spirit.

As my soul and heart cries out for these souls and others, I urge you to help me pray for the lost souls across this land. For those who have never embraced God’s salvation and those who have turned away from Him. Time is growing short. Sound the alarm! Christ’s return is at hand.

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Karen, who owns a coffee and Christian gift shop with her husband, lives in a small town in Tennessee just slightly south of where she was raised. She has been married to David, their town’s fire chief, for nearly 18 years. Together they have 4 children ranging in ages from 10 on up to 16. Karen’s heart longed to be a mother from a very young age & is a natural at being a “professional mother”. She is gifted in many areas & is guaranteed to keep you entertained! In addition to all of this, she is Emily’s older sister & one of Angie’s closest friends.