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My Valentine

306085_10200107952451594_1449600771_nTwenty years ago this month, I received my first Valentine Bear and half a dozen roses from the love of my life. We had only been together for 3 weeks at the time, so it was like “shock and awe”. I wasn’t expecting anything. I slept with that bear EVERY NIGHT for the 4 and a half years before we got married.

To this day, David has always made sure that I had some sort of flowers or roses for Valentines. Since our “lean” months are in Winter, (he does mowing Spring – Fall, which is more income than his Fire Chief position), I’ve told him that he doesn’t have to order me roses or anything, because I totally understand the financial burden that extra expenses add to an already strapped budget.

  • He always makes sure that I am taken care of. If I need a new bra, he will make sure that I get a good one, because he understands that “good support” doesn’t come from just anywhere…
  • He understands the importance of having “good” pots and pans to cook with. Let’s face it, some of the ones out there are just not fit for food…
  • He know how hard it is to fight with my hair, so he made sure that I have a super duper hair straightener, that will actually work for my hair and not halfway do the job of it’s intent…
  • He makes breakfast every Sunday morning, before church, because he understands how long it takes Mommy to not only get herself ready, but fix both girls hair, make sure the boys look decent, steam anything with wrinkles, and go through at least a dozen outfits before finally going back to the first one I had picked out, and of course, the kids have to eat…
  • He helps wash the laundry because with 6 of us, it can get out of hand pretty fast…
  • He is the spiritual leader of our home and the “bread winner” that definitely puts his family first, after God of course…

I can not complain. I have the best support system in my very own home! I’m pampered and loved by the best Valentine that a gal can have.

By the way, I still have that very first, worn and tattered Valentine Bear…



DIY Valentine’s Day Date Night Ideas – And A Blog Hop!

1115043_30957385I have to be honest and give a statement before I even write out this post: My husband and I are homebodies. After being forced to have date nights at home a few times due to not having a sitter or lack of extra spending money, we realized that date nights at home were a lot more fun and relaxed than going somewhere. This is actually our preferred way to spend a date night together now… Though that’s not to say we don’t enjoy escaping the mad house from time to time to engage a little with society. 😉

At home date nights definitely take a lot more time/creativity to plan. Well, scratch that, not all of them. There’s always old faithful of dinner or a snack while watching a movie or playing a board game snuggled on the couch. But if you want to do something out of the ordinary, it can become a vortex… sucking up all of your time and boosting your excitement. So beware, you might have too much fun doing this and neglect everything else going on in your life. Don’t say I didn’t warn you…

When it comes to Valentine’s Day, it can be even more fun! Start out by making a list of things you don’t want to forget. Are there certain snacks or items you want to be sure to remember? Outfit you need to remember to clean? Shopping list that needs to be purchased?

1402529_43662915Once the kids are in bed, it’s time to turn a small area of your home into a “date night stage”. You’ll want to do this quickly so that you both aren’t too tired to even spend time together by the time you are done. If you plan to have dinner without the kids, prepare it before they go to bed so that you can start your date right on time. If you change clothes, do it quickly. Plan the day out ahead of time to make the most of your alone time together.

So, now for some quick ideas that didn’t take a lot of prep or creativity that my hubby and I have enjoyed:

  • Improvised Game Night – Okay, this is a fun one that doesn’t take a lot of work… And it’s literally what it says. Make up a game of your own. We’ve played “name that recording artist” by playing youtube videos of songs and having the other one guess who sang it. Another fun one was Scrabble where I declared that the only words we could use were words that pertained to our relationship. KEEP SCORE! A little competitive edge will add a flare of flirtiness… But don’t go overboard. 😉
  • 1210289_64138355Bring The Vacation To You – Turn a room in your home into a beach scene or mountain cabin escape. Play some music or scenic sounds to make you feel more like you are really there. Use an air spray or fragrance that will make the room even smell like you are there. Dress like you are there. Eat like you are there. Everything, like you are there. If you turn the lights off and use little light then you won’t need much scenery to make this happen. And while it sounds corny, our favorite date nights have probably been the ones where we did just this.
  • Write Out Your Love Story – Someday your kids are going to ask how you two met. Might as well have it ready for them. Besides, writing it all out reminds you of all those fun giddy feelings you had for each other in the beginning. What’s more romantic than reliving the romance? Add photos, memorabilia (Ticket stubs, etc.), and make it all look nice… This is your fairy tale, after all. Package it up that way as well. When we did ours, we did it as a “He said, She said” format. Neither of us could see the others story until we were both done. Gotta love mystery!
  • 1254866_93482153Scavenger Hunt – Send him on the search for his gift. Make some little notes or pick up some little things at the dollar store to hide along the way. Keep it light, fun, and be sure to be really flirty, aiming to build up excitement.
  • Dress Up With No Where To Go – Well, as much as you can in 20 minutes after the kids are in bed. Grab your fanciest glasses and drink out of them. Even if all you’re drinking is apple juice, you’ll both feel like it’s a special occasion. Turn on some music and dance together as though you were on a real dance floor. Eat a dessert that you both like but rarely have. Go. All. Out.
  • Movie Theme Night – Pick a movie. Any movie. Theme everything around it, kind of like the vacation night. For example, if you watch an 80’s movie, dress like they did and eat what they do in the movie, etc. And while we won’t all judge you if you choose Star Wars… We are going to laugh at you. Sorry. That’s just the way it is. 😉
  • 1254865_18980809Video Games – Okay, not really too creative… And really similar to the improvised game night. But playing a game where you are on the same team against something else can be REALLY fun. One of our favorites is Rock Band. Only thing is that “somebody” broke the drums when he got way too into it, and we haven’t replace them yet. For shame…
  • Make Something Together – Create something from start to finish together. My husband does woodwork & crafts and I sew/paper craft. We will sit down, draw up plans, and create a little decor for our home sometimes as a date night. This is SUPER fun! However, if you’re not into these things and you’re not sure of what you’re doing you’ll probably hate it…

There are so many more ideas, but these were just the ones that were on the top of my head. What things have you done for Valentine’s Day at home a regular at home date night? Any new ideas you haven’t done yet? I’d love to hear about them. I’m always looking for more ideas!

This post begins the 2013 Valentine’s Day Blog Hop! Feel free to hop around, link up, and join right in!


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For My Boyfriend

Okay, so for real, Markus is my husband. However, not only do I love him, but I like him a whole, whole lot — which also makes him my boyfriend. 😉

 Ecc. 4 11 -3


Anyway, I know I’ve read this scripture before, but when I read it the other morning, it stuck out at me. It made me smile, because I always call Markus my heater. When it’s especially cold and it’s time to lay down, I say, “I hope you have your heater on.” When I read this scripture, I sent him a text with the scripture and the sarcastic comment, “Now repent for all of those times you made me move my feet!” He laughed. And that’s another reason why he’s my boyfriend.


Recently, he went on a duck hunting trip with his dad and brother. Because of that, I was without my heater for 3 nights in a row. I love him THAT much. And that’s just yet another reason why he’s my boyfriend.


I said all that to say that I’m super pumped that God loved ME enough to bless me with an awesome boyfriend/husband/heater. I’m also thankful that God loved me enough to make sure that I wasn’t alone, and I’ll always be warm.