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Hiding Him In Little Hearts

The first scripture I ever taught my daughters was purely by accident, however, I am not complaining. Let me give you a little background.

Every morning when I wake up I quote Psalm 118:24,

“This is the day the Lord has made; I will rejoice and be glad in it.”

I declare that I’m going to enjoy the day. Well, as the day goes on and I battle my own flesh, I have to remind myself of this scripture (usually more times than I can count).

Emily, Adah, and Naomi

One day, Markus, my husband, was supposed to come straight home from work to watch the girls for me cause I had to go lead a devotion (which just so happened to be about quoting this scripture everyday and rejoicing in the day no matter what) for a group of girls at church camp. Long story short, Markus was running WAY behind and was not going to make it in time (although he had been given plenty of notice). This made me very irritated and after a few minutes of indulging in my anger, I realized that God was using the situation to make a point. He wanted to make sure I would live what I was about to preach, so through gritted teeth I said to myself, “This is the day the Lord has made; I will rejoice and be glad in it!!”

Later that day, I was telling that story to some friends and Naomi (4) was with me. Therefore she heard about the devotion after actually hearing the devotion (because Markus was late and not able to watch them). 😉 The next week, Markus ran into Walmart while the girls and I were sitting in the truck. Adah was crying because she wanted to go inside instead of sit in the truck, so to keep my sanity, I decided to cry, too (pretending, of course). Naomi stopped me and matter of factly said, “Mommy! Remember, THIS IS THE DAY THE LORD HAS MADE! REJOICE AND BE GLAD IN IT!” I couldn’t help but smile because that is exactly the kind of thing I want to impart into my children – not my irritation because Daddy wasn’t home in time.

That all took place back in the summer. Last week, I was watching my 2-yr-old, Adah, as she was playing and talking to herself (she didn’t know Mommy was watching). All of a sudden she says to herself, “Lord has made in it, rejoice, be glad in it.” So not exactly the right quotation, but way too cute to matter! These are the moments I live for as a parent. I realized that both of my girls really pay attention and actually learned from me. And what they learned was something of worth…a small but mighty important bit of the WORD OF GOD. Nothing they learn anywhere or throughout their lives will ever compare to learning the word of God or to how knowing the word will give them an advantage that is much needed in our day to day living.

I decided that if they could learn that verse without me trying to teach it to them, then they should surely grow in the word if I begin to do weekly memory verses with them (which is something I should have and wish I would have started a long time ago). So get ready because we’re starting our adventure and you’re going to get to be a part of it! I’m starting a new weekly series that will follow our journey learning the word of God, including crafts, songs and much more. Hope you enjoy and maybe even learn some scriptures, as well.

Oh yeah! Don’t forget- THIS IS THE DAY THE LORD HAS MADE! 😀