Hair, Hair Everywhere!


Hair, Hair Everywhere!

Why must things get so complicated as we get older? Every woman has that fear of having that one long hair on your face, and no one tells you about it.

Well, I have found that the older I get, it seems that the little “fine” hairs on my face look like they are becoming thicker and a lot more noticeable!  Ugh!!!  I want to scream as I look in the mirror.  I know that I am not the only one facing this by any means, but “Why Me?”!!!!!   LOL

I also know that some women do not face this at all, while others suffer a whole lot worse. It seems minor compared to other things that could be going on, but…  I don’t want to look like a Sasquatch either.

Kinda makes me wanna sing, “You’re so vain… You probably think this blog is about you…”

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