I Go To The Rock – Song Of The Week


I Go To The Rock – Song Of The Week

Have you ever felt lost? Rejected? Confused? You had no idea what direction you were supposed to be headed? Has your GPS quit working? Well, let me tell ya, the only answer is the Rock….that’s the place for you. And me. And everyone.

Jesus is the ultimate Rock and true solid foundation. He is the only one for us to turn to, no matter the situation. The fact that there is a song about it is just a plus! And even more of a plus is that the beginning of the song features Kevin Max and Michael Tait from DC Talk! I remember listening to Aaron Jeffrey when I was younger and I enjoyed every minute of it. I am just as much a DC Talk fan so the combination of the two is wonderful to me, especially for this song.

I hope you enjoy this song and video and that you always remember that Jesus -our Rock- will forever be there for you to turn to and stand on. If your life feels unstable, go ahead and build on that rock. It will be the best move you could ever make.






I Go to the Rock
Aaron Jeffrey – Written by Dottie Rambo
I go to the Rock, I go to the Rock
I go to the Rock, I go to the Rock
I know, I know He’s able

Where do I go
When there’s no body else to turn to
Who do I talk to
When no one wants to listen
Who do I lean on
When there’s no foundation stable
I go to the Rock I know He’s able
I go to the Rock

I go to the Rock of my Salvation
I go to the Stone that the builders rejected
I run to the mountain and the mountain stands by me
When the earth all around me is sinking sand
On Christ, the solid rock I stand
When I need a shelter, When I need a friend,
I go to the Rock

Where do I hide
When the storms of life are threatening
Where do I run to
When the winds of sorrow blow
Is there a refuge (a refuge) in the time of tribulation
Cause I go to the Rock
I know (I know) He’s able.

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