I Wonder Why… Part 2


I Wonder Why… Part 2

~Do you ever wonder why you never have to go to the bathroom during a break or such, but as soon as that break has passed, guess what???

~Do you wonder why when someone asks you if you want anything to eat and you’re not hungry at the time, so you tell them no, and not even 20 minutes later, you are about to starve?

~Do you ever wonder why it is that as soon as you lay down in the bed at night, and get all comfy, that is when you have to pee? Badly!

~Do you ever wonder why it is, that when you get to go to the restaurant, and you’re determined to order something different, you get there and wind up ordering the same ol’ thing?

~Do you ever wonder why when you think about someone, whom you haven’t thought about in a while, you manage to see them on your next trip to the store?

~Do you ever wonder why it seems when you finally set a day to start that diet that you’ve started a hundred times before, that is when you are offered a baked good that you just can’t refuse?

~Do you ever wonder why it is, when you buy or are given a candle that you REALLY love, you don’t want to burn it in fear of never having another one?

Maybe you can relate to some of these, or maybe some of them are just me…. Anyhoo, have a great day and if you have any “wonder why’s”, feel free to share them with us!

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Karen, who owns a coffee and Christian gift shop with her husband, lives in a small town in Tennessee just slightly south of where she was raised. She has been married to David, their town’s fire chief, for nearly 18 years. Together they have 4 children ranging in ages from 10 on up to 16. Karen’s heart longed to be a mother from a very young age & is a natural at being a “professional mother”. She is gifted in many areas & is guaranteed to keep you entertained! In addition to all of this, she is Emily’s older sister & one of Angie’s closest friends.