Lonely But Not Alone


Lonely But Not Alone

The older I get, the more I realize that by the world’s standards, I am a lonely person. See, I’ve never been like everyone else my age. Most women my age are graduating college, starting their dream jobs, hitting the club with their besties (of the moment), dating around trying to find the perfect guy, going on spur of the moment road trips, etc. Me? I am a 25 year old stay at home mother of 2, married to our church’s assistant pastor for 7 years now. And I love my life!


Lonely But Not Alone - Raising Sticky Hands To Heaven - RaisingStickyHands.com


When it comes to friends, mine consist of fellow church members. When it comes to outings/events/dates, mine normally consists of grocery shopping and youth rallies. I used to have several people I thought were friends, but I quickly learned that in following the road God had for me, I wasn’t good enough to hang out with. I learned that when the lifestyle you live convicts the lifestyle lived by someone else, they are more than likely going to distance themselves from you.


Sometimes when I see other people with “normal” lives hanging out and having fun, going shopping together/having lunch/movie nights or whatever it may be, I find myself feeling a little sad. I’ll feel a small twinge of longing, thinking it would be nice to have a friendship like that. Then I remember one of my favorite quotes-


Don’t let comparison steal your joy!


I have to remind myself of that quite often. Especially when I remember that God has called me to be set apart. My 25 year old lifestyle is different for a reason. I’ve chosen to follow God’s path and that means He is my best friend! That is not to say that I can’t have friends or do this or do that. It just means that I have to be careful. I can’t act like everyone else or do what everyone else does. It means there are some places I can’t go. It means that I may not have a friend that I can confide every little detail with, except for God. Yet, I can lean on Him. I can depend on Him. I can know that when I choose to stand up for what is right, He’s still going to be there right beside me.


There’s another quote that I’ve also found to ring true that goes something like, “When it comes to friends, I’d rather have 4 quarters than 100 pennies.” I’ve never been the most popular and to the world, being a Christian isn’t the most popular choice. That’s why I’m thankful that I am in the world, not of it. I know that despite how things are here on earth, I have much more to look forward to. And when I come to the end of my earthly days and see my God face to face, I don’t want to be known for how popular I was or how many friends I had. I want to be known for how many lives I pointed to Jesus.


The world sees me as a loser, simply because I am a Christian. The Lord sees me as His royal child, in a foreign land on my journey home. - Raising Sticky Hands To Heaven - Raisingstickyhands.com


Yes, there are times that I feel lonely, but that is a trick of the enemy. I am never alone! My God will never leave me nor forsake me. He is always there for me. I’m so glad that regardless of my not so normal 25 year old living, it might seem lonely, but I am never alone.


How about you? Do you ever feel lonely in your walk with God? As I said, it is only truly lonely by the world’s standards. Please know that you are never alone as long as you live for God. Not to mention, we at Sticky Hands are here for you, as well!! Can we pray for you in any way? We’d love for you to comment and please feel free to email me at emily@raisingstickyhands.com.

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Emily is a wonderful mother of two beautiful girls. She is teaching them to serve God with all their hearts. Emily is also a wonderful wife to an anointed pastor in western Kentucky. She is a wonderful helpmate both spiritually and physically in her husband's ministry. She is dedicated to God and to spreading the gospel and Love of Jesus. (Written by her husband, Markus. ;) )