Mommy’s “Back To School” Update


Mommy’s “Back To School” Update

My 3 year old, Adah, started preschool on the 15th. I was instructed by her on more than one occasion to not cry. “Mommy, you’re not gonna cry. You’re not. ‘Member I told you the other day you are not gonna cry.” Guess what? I didn’t. I couldn’t help but smile at her excitement. She just couldn’t wait to go play and have fun.

I was honestly worried. My entire morning’s entertainment was now going to be gone to preschool, and I’m still sad about that. I’d much rather watch Dinosaur Train with her than by myself (no, I didn’t watch it without her being there, geez!). But let me tell you, in her first 30 minutes home, she more than made up for it. She sang for me the songs that she learned (almost word for word) about dinosaurs and fish. She told me that she had “ba-sketti” for lunch and that she got to wave at sissy. She said she looked at a spider with a magnifying glass and she pooted in class. Yes. Adah poots. She thinks it is hilarious and she gets it from her daddy.

As I was getting ready to walk her to the door on Day 2, she said, “I’m so excited! I’m gonna go hang my backpack up!” I had to make her turn around and come back to me so I could give her a hug!

Long story short- Naomi and Adah are having a blast and are learning so much. They are handling it well…..and so is Mommy. I even had time to write without interruption–which is unusual–but I’d welcome that interruption if it meant they were here. Thanks for your prayers! And keep them up because they are working.

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