Our Homeschool Today: Founders Academy


Our Homeschool Today: Founders Academy

Today, and last Monday, Tommy & I sat down in front of my laptop to participate in 2 separate classes provided by Mrs. Schott (No relation, just a coincidence…) at Founders Academy.

As soon as I saw there were classes for the younger set of learners, I signed us right up. I’ve been following Founders Academy on Twitter and Facebook since last Summer, and hated that I had to wait YEARS to have a child old enough… because, honestly, I want to take the classes. Is that a problem? 😉

Last week, we learned about the American flag: what it means, how it came to be, & why it is important. I quickly realized that Tommy was not only learning about the flag, but how to listen to someone else. He also got to practice some of his computer knowledge as the class is interactive and he had to vote/answer questions. It was great!

This week, we learned about The Pledge of Allegiance. Why it’s important, how to be respectful during the Pledge, and of course, the words that we say.

Mrs. Schott does an amazing job of keeping the attention of my little crazy guy. He had a blast though, and stayed right on task.

If you are a homeschooling family, I highly recommend this company. The classes are very affordable, accredited, & educational!

Now… time for me to get back to watching that cork adhesive dry…


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  • Thank you for clearing that up for me. I seriously thought you two were related somehow. That’s funny that you are not… and yet you take her classes. We do too. They are great… and it’s a good teacher… even though she is no relation. =)

    • We LOVE Mrs. Schott in this house. My husband (along with myself) and her have many of the same views. 2 of my older children have now participated in a few classes also. Lynn and I did try to figure out if there might be some distant relation, (we have relatives living near eachother on the east coast…) but once again, there was not. That’s okay, the kids have taken to calling her “Aunt Lynn” anyways. If you see us in class next time, feel free to say Hi!