Sticky Hands: Art & Craft Time With Mommy


Sticky Hands: Art & Craft Time With Mommy

Okay, so I know not everyone likes to do crafts.

But what about those of us that do?

Do you gather your children around the kitchen table, break out the glue gun, and let the kids go crazy with the tempera? I do… sometimes… wish I did more. (Here is where I do my shameless plug for my Pinterest account. Check it out via the link on our home page. Lots of awesome ideas on that site for inspiration!)

One thing that I like to do sometimes is to have a “themed” craft. Something to go along with something else going on in our lives… or a Bible story that I am teaching the kids at the time.

Try it: Incorporate a verse, prayer, or song into your craft! Your children will learn more about The Lord and you’ll be able whisper a prayer under your breath. (Hopefully for something other than not getting red paint on your white walls…)

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Angie, a mother of 5, currently lives in the Inland Empire area of Southern California with her husband of 19 years, Bobby, & 4 of their children. She is a non-custodial mother of 1 that lives with her during the Summer. Angie is a stay at home mom, homeschooling all 3 of her younger children. (She plans to homeschool her children through high school graduation.) She’ll be the first to admit she is human & full of flaws. Every day she praises God for His grace & mercy on her life. She’s lived in 5 different states, loves to craft & sew, and is what you would call a “Disney Geek” since birth. Dreaming of one day returning to school, her free time is spent studying and attempting to play piano. If you have any questions or for any other reason need to contact someone about this blog, she is the one to contact. You can email her at Angie (at) RaisingStickyHands (dot) com.

  • Love this! This is something I’ve always wanted to do, but haven’t got around to. This would be great to go along with my new Memory Verse project (also inspired by you, Angie. Thanks!). While driving today after dropping Naomi off at pre-school, I randomly decided (because I was inspired by Angie) to work on a new memory verse each week with my kids. It would be really cool if I had a craft to do each week to go along with the verse. Any ideas?

    • Wow! That’s great Em! Glad I could inspire you. 🙂 There are actually quite a few options for this… One that I’m doing with my boys this year are ABC Memory Verses. If you google that phrase you’ll find a ton of resources! You could also google “Preschool Memory Verses” and find options there also. Most sites will have ideas for activities and crafts! Have fun!