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Where Would You Be? – Song Of The Week

I won’t say much because the song speaks for itself. However, whether you believe it’s soon or years and years away, the key is to be prepared. It’s so important that we be ready. And we are not promised tomorrow. Where would you be if Jesus came back 5 minutes ago?


Where Would You Be

Brian Free

This morning’s front page headline reads disaster strikes once more

Writing on the wall is just too great to be ignored

Floods and earthquakes everywhere, violence plagues our land

The last days are upon us, Christ’s coming is at hand

Where would you be had Jesus come back 5 minutes ago?

Would you still be here alone and lost without hope?

He will return as a thief in the night

Will you be taken or left behind?

Where would you be had Jesus come back 5 minutes ago?

The lost and dying world must face the judgment seat one day

They’re hanging in the balance for this crime they must pay

Refusing to accept God’s grace, how could they be so blind?

The sand is quickly pouring through the hourglass of time

Mother Nature, Father Time

won’t stop or change God’s plan

Prophecies have been fulfilled

He’s coming back again!