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Pursuing His Attention: A Lesson From My Cat

Every time I sit down, the cat will NOT stay out of my face. She’s constantly THERE. Rubbing her head on me, pawing at me, will NOT leave me alone.

Psst... This isn't really Liza Jane. It's a photo I took at the zoo a few months back.

Psst… This isn’t really Liza Jane. It’s a photo I took at the zoo a few months back.


It doesn’t matter what I’m doing, she’s going to try to be my first priority.Just absolutely aggravating at times when I’m actually doing something that matters.

It got me thinking though… What if we pursued God’s love and affection the way that Liza Jane tries to pursue mine? What if we stayed in His face, saying, “Here I am! I’m here to love on You and adore You! I want You to wrap me in Your arms and just let me cry Abba!” Oh, what joy He might feel at the overwhelming adoration that He would be receiving! Any love and praise that He receives from His children is welcomed. At any time! We were created to worship Him in spirit and in truth.

I challenge you to find some face to Face time with God. I know that I could use more.