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I’m Cheesy And I Know It

It is no secret that I’m a sucker for cheesy humor and puns. The invention of internet memes has not helped this guilty pleasure of mine one bit. My sense of humor is definitely… “different”…

My “jokes” are sometimes so painful that they even hurt me. My husband can often be heard saying “Please, just stop” when I’m being “funny”. As for my children, well, I wouldn’t be a good mother were I not embarrassing them, right?

Oh, and you know how a song will get stuck in your head and become an ear worm? Even if you don’t like the song? Yeah, when that happens to me, I can’t help but change the lyrics. It’s never anything semi-normal either. The more random and off the wall the better. After that I absolutely must sing the song repeatedly for about 2 weeks. Frequently. At the top of my lungs. It’s only natural to wear it out and not waste it.

So, today when I told my sweet hubby that I was making this graphic because I just couldn’t hold it in any longer, he just held his head in shame. Have I warned my children? No. And it’s very possible that they will be pretty humiliated. But this is who I am! Why can’t they all just accept it?


What about you? What’s your sense of humor like? Do you occasionally (or constantly) cause people to moan and groan when you crack a joke? I’d love to hear about it!

ByStephanie Mc

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A Happy Blogiversary To You

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A Happy Blogiversary To You

A Happy Blogiversary To You

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