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Love The Un-Loveable?

As most of you can tell, my sister, Emily, and I, love music. We love to blog about what inspires us through song.

I love to listen to my worship CD’s and listen quite often to AIR 1 and K-LOVE. Matthew West has a new song out called “Forgiveness”. I have watched the back story that lead to this song and found myself amazed! It tells the story of a lady, who’s child was killed by a drunk driver. Instead of being bitter and hateful about the situation, she CHOSE to forgive the drunk driver for what he did. Because of his bad choice to drink and drive, he took what meant the world to her. Something that would be devastating to the very core of her being. She FORGAVE him. Think about this situation. Picture yourself in the position that this lady was in. Could you be so forgiving?

I know that this would be very hard, but if I am a true Christian, a true child of the most high King, this is what must be done to have a home in Heaven. There will be no sin entered into those pearly gates. Having un-forgiveness in your heart is a sin. We have to choose to love others despite what they do or have done.

Not only did she forgive him, she lobbied to get him released from prison early. Then, actually took him in as family! Could you do this for someone who killed your child?

They go on speaking tours together and speak against drunk driving. This is an amazing feat for someone living out true Christianity.

When you come up against hardships with others over one thing or something else, remember that we HAVE to love those that come against us or despitefully use us. We HAVE to LOVE those that are seemingly un-loveable.


I’m Not Who I Once Was

Before we find the love of Christ, we can be some pretty rotten people.  Not necessarily “bad” but not under the covering of Christ, which means that we are not “saved” and on our way to Heaven.

When we turn from our wicked ways and give our hearts and lives totally to Jesus, we can live knowing that we have eternal peace with the Father.  We turn from every sin and change the way that we think.  We love others unconditionally.  Our desire is to be Christ-like.

I know everyone has heard the analogy, “Going to church doesn’t make you a Christian any more than going to McDonalds makes you a big mac!”  This is so true. Many people go to church out of routine or habit or because they were taught to as a child. They go to see who’s there, to see who has a new dress who has the best hair.  To compare how much money that each person makes… That’s what country clubs are for.

When you truly give your heart to Christ, you truly turn from EVERYTHING that is not of Him.  You are not the person that you used to be. You are a new creature.  And if you fail, repent.  That’s why we have grace and mercy.  God knows that we are not perfect and that we are going to fail at times. Thank God that He forgives us when we ask in true repentance.


If We All Pull Together

How many of you remember that little song with the big meaning from your childhood, the one that only had a few repeated choruses about pulling together and how happy we’d be? I think we learn more from our younger years then we even realize, we take little songs and apply them to simple little things without having thought about that little tune since childhood.

Pulling together is the very importance of Christianity, getting the impossible done when it almost seems impossible, raising funds for children you will never meet, but knowing they will be blessed from something you and a handful of others felt led to do.

Pulling together somehow keeps the joy in your heart, the smile on your face and the skip in your walk. Age holds no barrier to helping, God can and will use any one who applies for the job. You just have to be willing. No paper work or application necessary, and you get full benefits with a vacation package your sure to be happy with when you reach paradise…

Today I watched everyone pull together, the job got done and I thank God for letting me be a part of such a wonderful group of Christians, SO IF WE ALL PULL TOGETHER, TOGETHER, TOGETHER, IF WE ALL PULL TOGETHER THE HAPPIER WE’LL BE……