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That’s Me Without You

“I’d be packing my bags when I need to stay. I’d be chasing every breeze that blows my way.

I’d be building my kingdom just to watch it fade away, it’s true, that’s me without You.”

This is just a few of the lines from the new song by Toby Mac. The word are so powerful when you take the time to listen to the message in it. Without the direction and guidance of our Lord, Jesus Christ, we would be all over the place. Everything would be for naught.

It is so important to pray before you do anything in life. Especially when you are making a life changing decision for you or your family. Just one wrong move can start a domino effect of bad choices.

Being human, we tend to try and jump ahead of what God would have us to do in life. He is God all by Himself and doesn’t need our help. He wants to use us as tools for His Kingdom, but He is capable of doing the work Himself.

Don’t get caught in a trap of “jumping before the gun”, but pray without ceasing. God will never lead you down the wrong path. He will take each step with you and even carry you when you’re weary.


You Are Here

Ever wonder how you got to where you are today? Most likely, you are like your parents in many ways or whomever raised you. If you have children of your own, what are you teaching them and where are you leading them?

As I look at today’s youth, I see many who are wandering from here to there, searching for something tangible. They are so unproductive and look here and there for a hand out. Most parents are not teaching their kids to work for what they receive. They are looking for someone to give them what they want or need for nothing. No commitment in anyway to anything.

Society today has it all wrong. My family is blessed, so I can’t complain. My husband was raised to work for your food or what ever you need and that God will bless you for it. He works 2 jobs to take care of our family of 2 adults and 4 children. Our first fruits, our tithe, is always given first! We give back to God for His blessings on us. Therefore, we are teaching our children that if you don’t work for what you need, don’t expect a hand out. They know the value of a dollar and that you don’t get it very easily. You teach a child from a young age that they have to do their part. Take out the trash, help wash or fold laundry, pick up toys, dust, etc. Responsibility is where it starts.

There are too many adults trying to be friends with teenagers or their children, so the child/teen are not getting the structure that they need. How are you going to be remembered when that child grows up? “The fun/ party house where we can do anything we want to”, or “the fun, loving home where I learned the basics for life?” Discipline has been thrown out the window also. You HAVE to correct a child/teen when they are doing wrong. If they are not corrected, they go on to be destructive. You can’t say, “Well, that’s just the way that they are.” No, you help to mold them into who they are. It doesn’t take away their individuality, it adds a good character trait.

Are you raising productive members of society? It’s never too late to start.