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Sticky Hands!

Sticky hands. I love this! Why? Because every child always has sticky hands. ALWAYS. However, along with these sticky hands is the question of what is actually on the hands causing them to be sticky.

Snot? Gag. Suckers? Sweet. Slobber? Sour. Mud? Dirty. Spit-up? Yuck. Something from the child’s diaper? DISGUSTING. Food? Juice? Glue? Paint? There are many options to answer this question.

Many times one of my daughters will come to me, especially my 2 1/2 year old Adah. She’ll want me to pick her up, and she will be veeerrrry sticky. As a mother, I am used to this, but I still grab a wipe or a wash rag or head to the sink before I freely hold her.

How many times have we adults been covered in something sticky? Spiritually speaking. We end up sticky ourselves and we head to our Father wanting Him to hold us and take care of us, despite our stickiness.

The fascinating thing is, He takes us just as we are, no matter how sticky or what kind of sticky. And as long as we allow it, He’ll wash us up and make us clean again. How amazing the love He has for His children! Even when we have sticky hands.


Sticky Hands: What’s On Your Mind?

How many times do you go about your daily routine, doing what you need to do, but thoughts are constantly going through your head?  You can’t seem to focus on one thing at a time because of everything else going on in there.  Whether it’s people, things you have to do, something you did and now regret, or what you want to tell somebody.  It’s like my thought process is never ending!

Here I am, trying to fold clothes, while my mind is thinking, “I wonder what David will want for supper? What do I need to make? Did I tell Josie what she is supposed to do after school?  Do I have something else to do today/tonight that I forgot about?  I can’t believe what happened the other day!  Why did they say that about me?”


Have you noticed that it gets worse when you are trying  to pray or study?  That’s when the phone will ring. You will suddenly remember what it was that you forgot to do. Everyone needs something at one time.

Our focus becomes muddled with everyday distractions.  Not because we want it to, but because we are used to it and continue to allow it. We become subjected to our thoughts instead of our thoughts being under subjection to us.  God wants us in unity with Him when it comes to prayer time.  I understand all too well how hard that can be.

So I leave you with this encouragement, to strive to get one on One with God today.  Somehow, somewhere. To forget about everything else as you submit yourself to Him.  It’s your day of refreshing!