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Sticky Hands: What Are Your Kids Eating?

Recently, I sat down with a group of 31 students, ages 14-17, to discuss their eating habits and their favorite foods. Needless to say, healthy food only made a peek into the list. Here are the favorite food results:

1st place – Tacos with 26% of the class
2nd place – Fried Chicken 23%
3rd place – Pasta and Cake tied for 9%
The others percentages were made up with fajitas, pizza, cheese fondue, crawfish, watermelon, ice cream, beef stroganoff, peanut butter and jelly, sub sandwich, and squid.

I know that I am addicted to carbs and starches. I love anything made of potatoes, bread, or pasta. (Hence being the head honcho for generation X-large! lol Though, I believe I’m part of generation X.) Parents of my generation and those upcoming generations, have made grave mistakes on what we put into the bodies of, not only ourselves, but the bodies of our children. Yes, it’s easier to run thru a McDonald’s drive thru or order pizza, but a lot of the time, our children and ourselves, are not getting the nutritional value that we need on a daily basis. I am more than guilty.

That is why this generation is being deemed, Generation Extra Large. I do not believe that a fifth grader should weigh over 300 lbs. Do you know what kind of emotional and physical turmoil that a child like this faces? I couldn’t imagine. I have seen 1st graders who weigh over 100 lbs! Unless there is a medical reason, this is unacceptable. I’ve learned on my own to be an emotional eater. I eat when I’m bored. I eat when I feel alone. I eat when I not hungry. But in this day, parents are teaching their children to be emotional eaters. If they start to cry, give them candy to shut them up. If they are bad, feed them, they MUST be hungry. If they are good, reward them with food. If they are sad, reward them with food. It’s a cycle that keeps going and going and our bodies aren’t made to handle all of the different additives.

Back in the day, our great-grandparents and such, lived on bacon, sausage, lard in everything, biscuits and gravy, and home grown vegetables and home milked cows. Everything was processed differently. It was fresh, home canned, or smoked or you didn’t eat it. The food then, did not have the additives that today’s food has. There was less sickness, cancers, and diseases.

So, not only am I going to challenge myself and my family to eat healthier foods, I’m gonna challenge all of you guys out there to do the same thing with your family. Face it, we all could use better health! Happy eating!