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Are You Asleep?

Okay…you’re sound asleep and the phone rings. As you roll over to answer it, you see that the clock says 2:17 AM. The phone call is from a scruffy sounding man who doesn’t share his name. He says, “At 2:43 AM I will set your neighbor’s house on fire.” Immediately after he completes the sentence the line goes dead.

You’re still groggy and sleepy, but you know that you’ve just been warned that in 26 minutes someone will be setting your neighbor’s house on fire. You know that your neighbor is over there sound asleep and it’s up to you to save her. All you have to do is run over and wake her up, get her out of the house and call the police…yet time is short. You have enough time but only if you hurry.

Your body is tired, begging you to roll over and close your eyes. You think to yourself, “I could just call 911 and then go back to sleep. They can save her.” After all… this could just be a prank. But you know deep down that you are the only one who can make sure she is out of her house in time. You know for a fact that you will get there before anyone else. And whoever that man was, he sounded serious.

What do you do? Make a quick call to put it in someone else’s hands so you can go back to sleep? Jump out of bed and go as fast as you can to ensure her safety? You’re running out of time.

This is where the church is at today. There is a lost and dying world out there at risk of burning. We are seeing the warning signs. It’s up to us to make a difference. We know we can do it, but we also know that time is very short. However, when I look around it seems to me that the church is still just sleeping.

When are we gonna wake up?






Originally written by Emily on July 8th, 2010