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Everything’s Gonna Turn Out Right – Song Of The Week

It’s always easy to trust God for someone else. Why is that? Maybe because we’re human. However, we can always stand on His promises, no matter what. He will never leave us, nor forsake us. He is incredible and His love for us never fails! He is not just a god, He is THE God and He is the God we can count on.

Don’t listen to the world, the enemy, etc. Know that when your hope and faith is in Jesus, everything’s gonna turn out right! You’ll see 😉

P.S. Whenever God works those things out for you, please be sure and share it with us on our Praise Reports wall. We’d love to praise with you! He is worthy!

P.S.S. I love The Isaac’s and I love this video, but I also wanted to share my favorite version of this song, sung by a Facebook friend of mine, Taylor Wilson.


Everything’s Gonna Turn Out Right

by The Isaacs

Don’t make no difference what the doctor said
Anything is possible
You’re talking bout the man who opened blinded eyes
And even raised the dead
So don’t listen to the world tell you hope is gone
Press on, brother, sister
Keep pressing on
Listen to me now

Everything’s gonna turn out right
Said He’d never leave you in the dead of night
So fix your eyes on the light of the sun
Don’t look back. Walk on.
You can’t see where you’re going when you hang your head
Got to have a little faith in what the good book said
Everything’s gonna work out
Everything’s gonna turn out right
You’ll see

It don’t make no difference what the banker said
Don’t worry about tomorrow
You’ll never see the righteous forsaken
Or His seed out begging for bread
Just do your best to live the way you should
And He’ll take your circumstances
And He’ll work them for your good

He said He’d be near the brokenhearted
He’s touched by all our suffering
It doesn’t matter what you have to face
He’s already covered it with His grace
And His strength is made perfect in me
When I am Me, Me