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Emily’s Outline (Recapturing Your Beautiful – A Fitness Challenge From walkingredeemed.org)

Starting The Year Off Right


WalkingRedeemed.org is hosting an 8 week fitness challenge (Recapturing Your Beautiful) and I’m so excited to be joining! This fitness challenge is spiritual as well as physical and comes with the chance to win awesome prizes weekly. And before you start with “I can’t do this because,” you should check out the complete details. This is basically a Customize Your Own Routine/Schedule with few very doable requirements, which is my favorite part!


Recapturing Your Beautiful


I am beyond ready to be involved in this because it’s EASY. When it comes to health/fitness, easy is the key for me or I know I will give up. I’m not even going to lie to you. And knowing myself as I do, there’s still a possibility that I’ll want to flake. That’s why I picked our very own Angie to be my accountability partner, along with YOU. Yes, you! I want you to hold me responsible. Check in and ask me how it’s going. Perhaps you will even head over to Walking Redeemed to sign up and you can let us know how you’re doing with it, as well.


It’s easy for me because I get to design my outline. See, I’m not big on exercise (just because I don’t discipline myself like I need to) and I eat way too much unhealthy food (and I’ll admit I’m not willing to give up too much of that quite yet… I know, I know). My main focus is going to be eating a tad healthier —- 😉 —- but mostly to exercise regularly. And I’m also looking forward to the spiritual aspect.


Confession time (as if admitting that I’m a junk food junkie wasn’t enough): I actually struggled not with joining this challenge, but with joining it publicly. Why? I don’t want to deal with scoffers. That’s right. I am undeniably a “skinny girl.” I am blessed with a high metabolism and I always hear comments like, “We need to hold you down and force feed you chocolate!” or “You need to gain some weight!” I was afraid that in announcing that I’m joining a fitness challenge I would hear similar things (for example: “Like you really need to exercise!” *cringe*).


Apparently, it’s okay to openly judge someone’s weight/figure as long as they aren’t obese. And when you’re the skinny girl, you’re not allowed to have self-esteem or body issues, either. So I usually keep things like this to myself because I don’t really want to hear the criticism. Not to mention that being pointed out, even for being skinny, is extremely embarrassing.


The thing people don’t understand is being skinny does not mean I am in shape. I am far from being what is known as ‘fit.’ And as for this gift of high metabolism…. Who knows when its expiration date is? Will it all of sudden flip-flop on me one day? It’s definitely a possibility. I may be able to use my high metabolism to meet the world’s standards of what size I should be, but I definitely cannot rely on my high metabolism and bad habits to keep me fit and healthy for the rest of my life. Thank you for not judging me! 🙂

Every Friday I will post a blog about ‘my week so far.’ Please be sure to check out the Recapturing Your Beautiful 8 week challenge at WalkingRedeemed.org and let us know if you’re going to join us!


Click here to visit Walking Redeemed!

I want to share with you my own customized outline, but first a few notes about it:

                *”Spiritual Exercise” is one of the requirements from WalkingRedeemed.org that I’m really excited about!

                *10 Minute Solutions is a workout series on DVD that I happen to have on hand and enjoy. The workouts are dances. There are 5 dances and you can pick one at a time or however many. Each dance workout is 10 minutes. The 10 minute workout includes the instructor teaching you the dance moves and helping you put them together and it really works (I have done it several times, just never consistently). I would totally break out my Richard Simmons Disco Sweat on VHS to do if we didn’t just move our VHS player to our girls bedroom. I may or may not have some of those routines memorized….

                *Dance party sessions- Where I pick some of my favorite upbeat or silly songs and dance around, however I want to for 10 minutes. This should not be hard for me, especially if I involve my kids. Stay tuned if you want to know some of the songs I’ll use!

                *Worship Workouts- This is me choosing 10 minutes of my favorite worship songs and exercising/worshiping. Similar to the dance party sessions, but geared towards my spirit man.

                *Push ups- these will be the saddest push ups known to man, and I’m okay with that!

                *I do drink water, but not daily. I know the amounts I have chosen to include in my outline are pretty puny, but I want to start out with something I know I have more of a chance of sticking to.

                *I plan to do all of the workouts Monday through Friday, but as long as I do 4 out of the 5 days I’ll be happy. If I mess up or have problems or even do 3 out of the 5 days, I’m not going to give up. I’ll keep on going the next day. 



Emily's 8 week fitness outline

Emily's 8 week fitness outline

Click here or the images above for a free printable of this schedule…
Legal disclaimer: I am not an expert in any way, shape, or form. I am not suggesting you go by this plan. This is simply what I am doing, on my own, for my own use. I cannot be held liable should you choose to do something I have listed here for my own use. 


Are you trying a new fitness plan for the New Year? Are you doing the “Recapturing Your Beautiful” fitness challenge as well? I’d love to share the excitement with you! Tell me all about it!