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Uplift Someone

You’re at your local grocery story and see the cashier. “Hey! How are you.” You say this as you walk on by her. The next day as you drop your son/daughter off at ball practice/dance class you meet a fellow parent. You put on smile as you say, “Hey, there! How are you.” and casually keep walking. Sunday morning you make your way through the church doors and spot Bro. What’s-his-name heading your way. You inwardly cringe, fake a sweet face, and say, “Hello, Bro., how are you doing today.” And continue making your way to the same pew where you always sit.

Yes…I know…. let me make that clear. I know that I put a period where there should be a question mark in the above paragraph. But let me also make this clear…to put a question mark means that you are asking a question and a question requires an answer. When was the last time you paused long enough to hear the response to the phrase, “How are you?” If you’re like me, chances are you don’t remember the last time you actually allowed someone to take a few seconds out of their day to answer that question.

For most of us, asking someone how their day is going has turned into simply a greeting and nothing more. It’s as common as “hello” and requires nothing other than maybe a nod of the head. But what if we decided to STOP and LISTEN, let someone answer our question? Don’t just greet the cashier, but engage in a little conversation. Now I’m not saying you have to devote half of your day to this person or become a therapist or life coach, but take the time to let someone know that you actually CARE about how their day is going. All they need to know is that someone cares. Who knows what it’ll do to Bro. What’s-his-name’s day to find out that you care about his existence?

I know it’s not much, but it’s one small way to uplift someone. Think of all the times you were having a bad day and could’ve used a pick-me-up? Wouldn’t you want someone to uplift you? I challenge you to do at least one small thing a week to uplift someone in your life, whether you know them personally or happen to cross paths just once. I’ve always heard that “what goes around comes around” so by choosing to be a light and uplift someone, you may just find yourself uplifted.

For more ideas on how to uplift someone, such as paying someone a compliment or donating books you’ve already read, visit http://watchgmctv.com/uplift. And by the way, you look stunning today!:)