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Throw Your Hands Up!

We all have those days where everything just gets under our skin. We wanna throw our hands up and scream, “I give up!!” But have you ever thought about doing just the opposite? Giving in?

When the ark of the covenant was returned to the City of David, David danced before the Lord with all his might and ‘let it all hang out’. How about, when you feel like giving up, you just throw your hands in the air and say, “Thank You Lord! Thank You for THIS day that You have made! Thank You for giving me Your sweet breath of life!”

Do a little dance across your living room. Let the joy of the Lord over take you and be your strength. He wonders why we are so uptight all the time and try to be ‘dignified’. God wants us to give Him a sacrifice of praise, no matter how silly it looks or sounds. It’s for Him, not anyone else.

So go ahead! Get all silly and funkedified in the spirit and let God lift yours! The JOY OF THE LORD is our strength!!!!