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Don’t Wanna Be Where It’s Not Happenin’

I was in Walmart one day not too long ago (unfortunately, one of many days I’m there) with my husband when we ran into a friend of ours, Paula. If you haven’t seen someone in a while, just go to Walmart.

Anyway, as we stopped to talk, Markus (my husband) and Paula, both big hunters, got to talking about hunting and such- where have they hunted? Have they seen any big deer? Any big bucks? Etc. As they chatted about the places they had been, Paula made the statement, “Well, you don’t wanna be where it’s not happenin’!” Of course she was talking about places to hunt. If there are quite a bit of deer around, then it’s a happenin’ place for hunters. If there aren’t many deer around, a hunter doesn’t want to waste his/her time there. However, when I heard this statement, it became a spiritual statement for me and I had to quickly make a mental note of it (by ‘Mental Note,’ I mean I made a note on my cell phone so I could check it out later. If I had made an actual mental note, this blog wouldn’t exist—I wouldn’t have remembered….).

Who wants to be where it’s not happenin’? Spiritually speaking. Who wants to stay in a dry, dead, dreary place where the Spirit isn’t moving? Who wants to be far from a growing, thriving, burning, passionate relationship with Jesus? Most of us will read these questions and defensively reply, “Not me!” But let’s take time to really examine ourselves and situations before we answer. No, we may not want to be in a place where “it’s not happenin'”; but the reality is, many of us have allowed things, people, life, etc. to take us to that place and we’ve stayed there, refusing to acknowledge what is going on. Refusing to admit that we have drifted off track. Why? Because we’re stubborn. We think that if we ignore the problem, it will just disappear. Not true. It just causes to fall even further.

I think each and everyone of us, if we take a small moment to seriously examine our lives, will find that we have fallen into a place where “it’s not happenin’.” Maybe not so much that it’s not happenin’ at all, but that it’s not happenin’ like it used to be, or like it should be. Let’s all, myself included, see what we can do to get back to where it is most definitely happenin’ and strive to stay there. I know that I personally, do NOT wanna be where it’s not happenin’!