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Mean Girls

I will never forget my Senior year of high school. I have never been one to be over confident in any area of my life. I have always been self-conscience. Except for when it comes to my faith in Jesus Christ. I have always tried to be a light to others. The key word being “tried”.

I spent Kindergarten thru 11th grade at the same school, but transferred to a different school for my senior year. I went forward expecting great things. Hoping to make new friends. I know as well as any other girl/woman, that when there are close knits friendships already made, it’s hard to find somewhere to fit in. What I was hoping for did not happen. I had a horrible year that included girls making fun of me because I was a Christian, call me “churchy”, and put me down for several reasons. I just couldn’t wait to get out of there.

Well, one day last year, I was surprised to get a friend request on facebook from one of those girls. Being nice and apprehensive at the same time, I accepted it. Later, I received a message from this girl. She apologized for the way that she had treated me in school. She had turned her life over to Christ and this is one of the things that bothered her. She regretted her actions.

This meant the world to me! I was shocked to receive the message, but it made my out look change.

So if you know any “mean girls” out there, start praying for them. (Pray for those who despite-fully use you.) Let God do the changing in their life and you just may be surprised by what else He does.