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That’s Me! (Jack of All Trades; Master of None)

If ever I have time to relax, and that’s a big IF, I enjoy doing a variety of things. I guess I would call myself a Hobbyist. I like to try to make new things, at least once, just to say that I did it. The least it can do is go wrong, right?

I enjoy working on projects for church, whether it involves food, baking, crafts, gifts, etc. Recently, I did a baby shower for one of my cousins, and OH THE POSSIBILITIES! I had to make myself stop! I loved seeing what else I could come up with, though our budget definitely didn’t love it.

I have recently re-kindled my love for painting. Seeing what I can come up with is part of the fun and painting things that the kids ask me for, gets the creative juices flowing.




My youngest son is into the reptile / amphibian stage and wanted a canvas of a snake. Since I don’t like snakes, I had to be creative and do a cutesy, yet not toooo cutesy snake, since he is 9 years old, that would still have the WOW factor. To me, it was still more for a “little boy”, and he will ALWAYS be my little boy, but he still loved it just the way it was.

My niece Adah loves all things dinosaurs! She turned 4 on June 18, so for her birthday, I painted 2 dino pics for her. They have just the right amount of girliness for a little girl that loves dinos! I didn’t want to leave out her sister Naomi, so I asked her what she would like. I did a butterfly for her.

Essie loves the Lalaloopsy Dolls. I haven’t painted any of those recently, but did several for her in the past. Her latest canvas for her room was an owl. Owls are pretty popular right now, so I used bright colors to go with her personality.

Josie’s new canvas painting was of a Cross. I used colors and designs that would give it a 3-D effect. It’s so hard to please a teenager these days, so when she loved it, I was more than happy.

Isaac’s was the most specific painting that I had to paint. He asked for a Fender Stratocaster Guitar in certain colors. Of course I was like, “You’ve got to be kidding me?“, but being the mother that aims to please, I “googled” images of certain Fender Stratocasters. Though it wasn’t a perfect painting, you would have thought that it was the best one ever! And seeing the rare glimpse of excitement in the face of a preteen boy, all because of a picture that I painted of something that he has a love for, was totally priceless!

Is there anything that you enjoy doing that can also bring happiness to someone else? It doesn’t have to be anything major. Sometimes, the smallest act of kindness or the simplest of gestures, can mean the world of difference to someone. See what you can come up with.