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How I Manage To Homeschool With A Chronic Illness

I absolutely love homeschooling. I get to spend more time with my kids, watch the light bulb turn on in their head when they learn a new concept, protect them from worldly influences, and more. But I’ll be honest, it does have challenges. Having a chronic illness brings even more hurdles.

6 tips for homeschooling with a chronic illness

It took a little bit of time, but I eventually figured out some ways to homeschool with a chronic illness and keep our family thriving. Is it a perfect system? Not a chance. But it works. My kids are learning, I’m not bringing on more pain, and everything flows.

Today I’m guest posting over at Homeschool Encouragement with 6 Tips For Homeschooling With A Chronic Illness. I would love for you to come over there and visit with me! If you know someone that homeschools with a chronic illness, be sure to send them the link to Homeschool Encouragement as well. I’d love to chat with them.

See you there!