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Review: SchoolhouseTeachers.com

Sometimes, as a homeschooling Mom, you find yourself pulling your hair out. You either don’t know what to do next, or you need something to fill in the gap. Maybe you’ve hit a wall and don’t know exactly how to teach your child a subject that they want or need to learn. Then you sit and wonder, “Where do all these other homeschooling moms discover these awesome lesson plans and ideas?” This is followed by hours of trying to figure out where all of these fun new ways of teaching came from, and asking yourself where you can find inspiration.


If you’ve just begun homeschooling or have been for while, chances are that you’ve heard of The Old Schoolhouse Magazine. This is the magazine we all turn to monthly for ideas and encouragement. If you haven’t heard, they offer an amazing resource that I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to review:  SchoolhouseTeachers.com.

SchoolhouseTeachers.com is a one stop, everything included, subscription website that offers lessons, videos, ebooks, planners, checklists, and more. It can be used as a full curriculum, or as an added supplement. It covers all grades from Pre-K up to High School. This continually growing website quite possibly has content you have not even thought of including in your homeschool.

The cost is really a bargain, and there are a few subscription options. You can join monthly for $5.95 with the first month only costing $1. Or, you can sign up with a yearly subscription. Right now, I suggest taking advantage of the promotion they have going on: $49 for the full year that includes a handy tote bag, annual print book, and bonus gifts.



For our family, even as young as my children are, I was amazed at what all SchoolhouseTeachers.com had to offer.

First of all, I love planners. I can never have enough of them. It seems I try a new one each year. My husband was extremely pleased to find out that included in our subscription, there are planners available for download. You know what that means… We don’t have to buy planners! There is a planner for Mom, Special Learners, Primary, Intermediate, and High School. What a stress saver!

We also utilized the monthly lap-book. It was fun, educational, and had content to be added each week. So fun!

There is daily work, monthly work, music lessons, foreign language, reading lists, hands on activities, and more. All lessons are written and/or given by well known homeschool teachers. It takes the guess work out of planning! To go one step further, there are daily checklists given at the beginning of the month so that you know what needs to be done each day to cover everything for each grade. How cool is that?


My utmost favorite part of this site is the math section. It’s no secret; I am terrible at math. Dr. Peter Price has video instructions for the parent on how to teach mathematics to the student. He makes it simple for you to understand how to explain the concepts to your children in a way that they will remember what they’ve learned later on. I don’t believe I’ve ever seen my son so excited to sit and do math. We had not yet attempted to teach him addition, but with Dr. Peter Price’s “Count on 2” method, my son was doing it in no time!

We also really enjoy the daily copywork, weekly spelling lists, reading lists, hands on activities, and even the French lessons! Having The Old Schoolhouse Magazine archives available is certainly a bonus.

I honestly have nothing negative to say about SchoolhouseTeachers.com. I will say that it can take a bit of time to explore when you first begin your subscription. However, that’s a good thing. It really has THAT much to offer!

Our family will likely never go without it again. SchoolhouseTeachers.com has made homeschooling so much easier and has proven itself to be a truly invaluable resource.

Disclaimer:  I received a free copy of this product through the Schoolhouse Review Crew in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way. All opinions I have expressed are my own or those of my family. I am disclosing this in accordance with the FTC Regulations.


ByStephanie Mc

GIVEAWAY! A Noble Experiment: The History and Nature of the American Government

Raising Sticky Hands To Heaven has once again partnered up with DenSchool to help get the word out about yet another awesome giveaway!

TWO lucky winners will receive A Noble Experiment: The History and Nature of the American Government COMBO SET from Zeezok Publishing! This curriculum package is valued at $99 each!

A Noble Experiement is an Advanced Middle or High School American Government curriculum package. The set includes the book, DVDs, and CD-Rom Teacher Resources. DenSchool’s reviewer, Dalynn, was surprised at how much her advanced middle schooler enjoyed the program and even asked to use it! It was a blessing to see him working independently with the curriculum. She is one very pleased homeschool momma!

Stop by DenSchool to read her full review to learn more.

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ByStephanie Mc

GIVEAWAY! All About Reading Level 1 & Deluxe Reading Interactive Kit

YAY!  It’s a giveaway! DenSchool and the Cook Family Chronicles have teamed up to host a fantastic giveaway from All About Reading! One lucky reader will win their own All About Reading Level 1 and the Deluxe Reading Interactive Kit for their little one!  Good luck to the entrants from all of us here at DenSchool & Raising Sticky Hands To Heaven.


I am so excited that we are teaming up with this giveaway! Why? Because I’ve been eyeing this curriculum my own children for about a year now and I know what a great product it is! I’m so excited for one of you to win it, because I KNOW you’ll love it!

If you’ve been following Homeschool blogs for any length of time, you’ve probably heard plenty about All About Learning Press… But I still want you to read this great review by Victoria over at DenSchool. (Click Here!) She has some great input and goes into great depth with this review.

In addition, this great giveaway is being sponsored by Cook Family Chronicles. You want to talk about a fun blog? Check it out! I’ve been a follower for a short time now and so far, I’m loving it!

Now, about the goodies:

All About Learning Press is giving away one All About Reading Level 1 and the Deluxe Reading Interactive Kit.  This giveaway ends at midnight on Sept. 14th. It is open to US residents 18 and over.

God Bless!
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Time4Learning Giveaway – 2 Winners!

Yay!  It’s a giveaway!  Two lucky winners will win one month access for up to 4 children from Time4Learning!  Enter today using the Rafflecopter form below.  Good luck to the entrants from all of us here at DenSchool & Raising Sticky Hands To Heaven!

Whether you’ve been homeschooling for awhile or are just starting out, chances are that you’ve heard of Time4Learning.

An online based curriculum for grades Preschool up to 8th grade, Time4Learning offers flexibility and ease.

To view a full review at DenSchool by Mindy, click here.

Enter by using the RaffleCopter below. This giveaway is open until September 10th to those in the US only.

God bless!
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An Open Letter To Those Worried About Our Children’s Social Skills Because We Homeschool:

I think it’s time that I make an open statement on this controversial subject that keeps getting brought up to me by various people in our lives. I’m trying not to come across as “snotty”, but just trying to help you see it from my stand point. I’ve had people say some very mean and cruel things to me about our choice to homeschool over the last few years, so please take note that I’m not attacking anyone here or treating anyone as rudely as the way that I have been treated.

The more this topic is brought up, and the more people say “If they don’t go to school they won’t know how to act around other people”, the more I have to laugh.

School, for me, made me trust others less. I was bullied and left out because of my skin color, faith, shyness, and sensitivity. It took a long journey well into adult hood to learn to be outgoing and start conversations on my own. Why? Because most of my peers in school made that difficult. I just flat out didn’t fit in. (And no, that is not the reason I have chosen to homeschool my children.) The end result was my being afraid to spark a conversation with anyone face to face for many years.

Furthermore, since when is FORCING children to be social only with children their own age the only correct way to achieve “healthy” socialization? There are plenty of chances to let children branch out at church, sports, online/in person classes and lessons, family members, play dates, trips to the grocery store, etc. A few hours a day sitting quietly in a classroom with brief recess and lunch periods is supposed to make that much of a difference?

I would much rather that my children learn to interact with other people naturally.

Whether it be with the clerk behind the counter at the store, a child on the playground, a friendly adult at church… My children need to feel comfortable with themselves. They need to feel confident about their conversation. They need to know the appropriate way to engage someone. I never want my children to feel lost when approaching someone and come off the wrong way.

I have to say, my favorite part of all of these conversations and debates with others is the fact that everyone assumes that my husband and I have not researched the many studies on “Socializing Homeschoolers”. You know, because so many of us that choose to keep our kids at home are backwards and never think about what we are doing, right? Then there is the fact that everyone forgets that I, myself, was homeschooled for most of  (off and on) Jr. High & High School. So, I can only assume that if they do know this or remember, they think I’m a big social mess. And if I am? What does it matter. I’m happy regardless and don’t know any different… 😉

At the end of the day, my husband and I are not trying to ask any one else to conform their lives to the way we live ours or to make anyone feel as though they should make the choices we do. Why does everyone seem so determined to “conform” to their way of life?

Besides, our biggest concern is not their relationships with others in this life, but their relationship with our Lord & Savior.

I want to say thank you to those of you who have genuine concern for my children. But please, understand that we have made our decision, we have done research, weighed pros & cons, and had long discussions about this. We are not anywhere close to changing our mind. We deeply believe that for our kids, this is the best thing we could do. Please respect our choice.

Funny shirts and sayings on Homeschool/Socialization

The HSLDA’s take on it…

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Oak Meadow Homeschool Curriculum Giveaway

YAY! IT’S A GIVEAWAY!  One lucky reader will win the curriculum package of their choice for their child!  That’s right- the winner picks the grade level they need! Enter today using the Rafflecopter form below.  Good luck to the entrants from all of us here at DenSchool & Raising Sticky Hands To Heaven.


Oak Meadow has specialized in Homeschooling Curriculum for over 35 years.  They are offering one complete curriculum package to one winner.  Their packages are priced between $118 (preschool) upwards to $415 for upper elementary grades.  You can view their bookstore here.

Denschool is hosting this fabulous giveaway. Read a very honest review here, where Victoria also includes some of her tips and advice on how to get the most out of your very own set of Oak Meadow curriculum.

As a homeschool parent myself, I must say: I am very seriously considering this curriculum for our own family. With plenty of literature books included in the kit, reading comprehension is inspired. I love how Victoria points out that in the 4th grade package, the child is encouraged to be independent. That the curriculum speaks to the child, not the parent. All with a gentle approach.

Oh, and one more thing… This package doesn’t seem to take up gobs of valuable real estate on your book shelves. Something that all homeschool parents could use more of is shelf space, right?

So, what are you waiting for? If you’re from the US or Canada, enter in the Rafflecopter below. The giveaway will end on August 31st.

Have a blessed school year!
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Back To School Week: Praying Over The School Year

Regardless of if you homeschool or send your children to a brick and mortar school, there is one very important first step we all as parents need to do before anything else:


Prayer is the key to success in all areas in life. Child hood education is so crucial to prosperity in adult hood. Obviously, we as parents all pray for the little minds of our little ones (and bigger ones!) to be able to absorb, find patience, and not be stressed. That their grades be good and their studies come easily to them. But often, as the school year begins, we forget about so many other factors we should be praying for.

I’m guilty for this also…

I’ve begun to make a list of items to pray over my children (both homeschooled and public schooled) as they begin this next school year… and to go over again every morning.

  • Spiritual Well Being: It is my greatest wish that all of my children know Jesus as their personal Savior. While my oldest 2 have accepted Him into their hearts, I pray that they keep their promise to the Lord and are not tempted to fall away from Him due to peer pressure and distractions. For my younger children, I pray that as soon as they are old enough to grasp the understanding of salvation that they will also walk the narrow way and seek a relationship with God.
  • Safety (Emotional & Physical):Things happen. Untied shoe laces trip little feet. Bullies are mean. Bikes crash. I don’t need to go on. My prayer is that the Lord place a hedge around my “babies” and keep them safe. At home, at school, and everywhere else!
  • Teacher(s):As I both have children who homeschool and go to public school, I am praying for myself and those who educate my children outside of the home. Also, my homeschooled children sometimes take online classes from educators such as Founders Academy. Then the ones who give my children lessons in extra curricular activities. I pray that their teachers are given strength, wisdom, patience, and find blessing and favor in the Lord. That they know how appreciated they truly are. And of course, that they treat my children nicely! 😉 For myself? I pray that I am guided by the Holy Spirit to choose curriculum, set my lessons in place, and for a HUGE abundance of patience.
  • Friends:I pray that my children find healthy friendships, can be a blessing to other children they know, and are treated by others fairly. That their friends will love Jesus. That they will be kind to others, and no enemies are made.
  • Other Staff: So many times as a parent we tend to forget the others who have a part in our child’s day to day life. The bus driver, the cafeteria staff, the school office administration, occupational therapist, recess monitor… They all deserve my prayers too! They are a large part of my child’s day also and deserve to be blessed.
  • Health: Everyone knows that as the school year goes on, kids get sick. Especially if they are in a class room with other kids who just so happen to be ill. My prayer is that they are protected and their immune systems strong!

What about you? Do you have a “prayer list” for the year? Have something I should add to my list? Feel free to share!



Our Homeschool Today: Founders Academy

Today, and last Monday, Tommy & I sat down in front of my laptop to participate in 2 separate classes provided by Mrs. Schott (No relation, just a coincidence…) at Founders Academy.

As soon as I saw there were classes for the younger set of learners, I signed us right up. I’ve been following Founders Academy on Twitter and Facebook since last Summer, and hated that I had to wait YEARS to have a child old enough… because, honestly, I want to take the classes. Is that a problem? 😉

Last week, we learned about the American flag: what it means, how it came to be, & why it is important. I quickly realized that Tommy was not only learning about the flag, but how to listen to someone else. He also got to practice some of his computer knowledge as the class is interactive and he had to vote/answer questions. It was great!

This week, we learned about The Pledge of Allegiance. Why it’s important, how to be respectful during the Pledge, and of course, the words that we say.

Mrs. Schott does an amazing job of keeping the attention of my little crazy guy. He had a blast though, and stayed right on task.

If you are a homeschooling family, I highly recommend this company. The classes are very affordable, accredited, & educational!

Now… time for me to get back to watching that cork adhesive dry…



Anxiously Patient

So, here I am again. Yet another blog. I’ve lost count as to how many I’ve had now. I’ve written all over the place.

I wanted to start another personal blog because some times I just need to write about nothing in particular: What we did that day in school, a household project, craft project, sewing project, or just something funny that happened. Sure, I could have done that at Raising Sticky Hands To Heaven, but I really didn’t want to change the focus of that blog… and it wouldn’t be fair to do that to my fellow contributors there.

I’ve been anxious to do this for a few months… yet I never got around to it. I started a website back in January, but then we moved into our new (to us) home. On top of that, I’ve been supremely busy and dealing with health issues. So as anxious as I was, I became patient at the same time. This doesn’t make sense, and I’m aware of that. But it’s okay.

One reason I was determined to start this blog TODAY is because I want to document the transformation of our homeschool room… and that begins TODAY also. Once again, something I’ve been anxious for, though not nearly as patient. Just ask my poor husband how much I’ve nagged him…

But FINALLY the big delivery of cork board came yesterday for my “Wall O’ Cork”. Sounds awesome, right? Even more awesome? It’s changed into “Walls O’ Cork”. That’s right, cork everywhere. Ohhh how I cannot wait to hang so many fun things easily in that room!

I just can’t wait to tell the hubster tonight, “See that room? Put a cork in it.” Oh yeah, I’m that cheesy, corny, and annoying.

Here are the before photos from the previous owners of the house. Hopefully soon I’ll have an after photo for you. Why no before photos taken by yours truly? Because I’m the BEST housewife ever and that room is just way to meticulously clean to even step into… or not. It’s been a storage room for the most part lately. Right now it’s full of boxes containing everything that will go in once it’s done. I know, it’s bad. But hey, at least I’m being honest.

In case you were wondering: No, the previous owners did not leave the pool table or light fixture. That could have been an interesting school lesson though. No?

As for what else I have planned for the room: Vintage desks, black dry erase boards, television with dvd player, lots of shelving, built in workbox stations, cabinets, & a craft/experiment table.

Sooooo… What do you think? Anything I’m forgetting?



Rediscovering & Falling In Love With An Old Favorite

Yeah, I took this photo with my cell phone... You caught me.

Yeah, I took this photo with my cell phone... You caught me.

I’ll never forget it. It was 2 years ago when I was looking up resources for new homeschoolers when the dreadful word came up.


They couldn’t be serious. With kids in tow, they wanted me to dredge across town and look through the Dewey Decimal System of catalogs (Anyone remember that? I miss it…) to find one particular book… wait… twenty books… on how to homeschool my child for the next 1-14 years? Forget it.

I mean, I have a friend that is a librarian and she LOVES it. But even though she’s hip and cool like that… Going to the library? That’s like, still, kinda outdated, right? I mean, everyone has their “guilty pleasures”. That’s just one of my librarian friend’s hobbies. No one really goes there… Or do they?

I spent all of my elementary through high school years at the local “book dump”, which now I feel guilty for calling that. I thrived off of that place. But the system was time consuming… and with kids in tow? Forget it.

Then I went to another website on spiritual growth. “If you aren’t able to purchase our book now, feel free to check your local library.” Ugh.

Weeks later, I decided to look up a recipe. It was only available in book form. I searched all over. Nope, can’t get it unless you buy the book. But the book’s website even said it was available at the all so wonderful library.

Seriously? Really? You want me to go down there and search through your archaic system? Little did I know. Ignorance.

I finally googled my city and county library. Boy, did I feel stupid. I could create an account right there and place books on hold to be picked up in a rush. No dragging whiny, tired, & hungry kids around in multiple strollers. (Yes, multiple!) No paper catalogs. It’s all computerized. It hasn’t even been that long since I was last in a library, but wow, it has changed!

So, I created an account. I didn’t place anything on hold, because I was sure I could do without it. I mean, what’s a $10 book? Right? Until you budget for the month, and the books you want to read add up… and the resources you need for school, spiritual growth, leisure, cooking, gardening (not that I garden, lol, I wish…) add up. Ten dollars for a book here. Thirty for a book there. Five over here. But, oh, don’t forget those books recommended by everyone and I mean EVERYONE, they are twelve dollars! Yeah, Next thing you know your budget is easily over come by books. And not just for homeschoolers either, but even more so.

I caved, about 2 months in. I asked my kids, in the most depressing voice trying to seem excited. “Who wants to go to a library, or maybe two.” I’m not kidding,. Take your most depressing voice and knock it down 2 pegs. That was me.

My sweet daughter, Becca  (who has loved books from the time she was born) agreed. We walked in, got our card (at each library) and looked around. The first one? I was not impressed. I still go there, but it’s not my favorite. The second? We spent over 2 hours at.

Let me tell you about our AWESOME library. We have a roof garden, an interactive area for kids with a pretend Fire Engine, a mini zoo, (OH YES! A zoo! Reptiles (Snakes, ick, but the kids love them…) Birds, Fish, Rodents… You name it!) but then, then there was the books.

Even though I just started my account, my books that I placed on hold for my daughter were waiting for me. It was miraculous. All I had to do was click a button. No hours of searching! My daughter and I walked through the entire library in awe. “Libraries (in my home town) aren’t like this, Mom. I wish they were. So many books! This is so much fun!”

Everything I needed: music to decide if I wanted to buy; books that I wanted to read; curricula; biblical teachings; picture books; movies; It was all right there without searching through a big ol’ catalog system!

Who knew? Probably you, but not me. But now if you need me and I’m not answering my phone… I’m likely at the library. Seriously. It’s become my “guilty pleasure.”

This week, I challenge you. Visit your local library. Sign up for an account. Go to your online wishlist,  find the first book or two on it, then go to your library’s website and place it on hold. Feel greedy? Don’t. This is your tax dollars at work! And you’re SAVING a system that is near extinction! At the same time, you’re helping yourself by saving that money you would have spent on a book you would read ONE time to maybe have a romantic dinner at home or a playdate with the kids at a local museum. (My next challenge, eh… CHALLENGE ME! Dare ya..)  It’s all right there at your finger tips! ENJOY!





  • *I’m linking this post up with one of my best friends, Genelle, over at Happily Ever Chic‘s blog. Do you have a post on your Library journeys to share? Feel free to do so! Just click HERE! 😀