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Back To School Week: You’ve Got A Friend In Me

The back-to-school season is exciting for some and scary for others. Some kids are “naturally” friendly when it comes to introducing themselves to others. For some kids, not so much. It can be overly mortifying for the ones whom are shy or so called backwards. If you have a child who tends to be outgoing, instill into them to be friendly to those who need their attention.

In today’s society, children can be mean. Bullying has become the norm in most schools. Especially if you don’t have the right clothes, the right last name, or play that certain sport.

One instance that sticks out in my mind, took place a few years ago, when my oldest daughter was in 3rd grade. I was subbing on this day and was having cafeteria duty at breakfast time. I watched as Josie and several of her classmates were sitting down, some talking and some eating. Another boy from their grade had just got his breakfast tray and sat down to join them. To my dismay, I watched in brokenness, as every child got up from that table and moved to another one because they didn’t want him to sit with them. All except my daughter, Josie. I watched in proud amazement as Josie got up with her tray and went to sit down right next to the boy. That was a moment I will never forget and was so glad that I had the opportunity to watch it from afar.

So as your child or children are preparing to go back to school, prepare them to show love and friendship to everyone that they come across. Not only the students but teachers and support staff as well. They may be the only way that some children get to see God and His ways.