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Fat Guy In A Little Coat

Ministry can be a trying thing.  There are many calllings that can be placed on ones life.  All are called but few are chosen.  God has a certain purpose for each person’s life and it’s up to us whether we allow Him to use us.  Just because you want to do something,  doesn’t mean that you are called to do it.  Ever heard the expression, “Momma called and Daddy sent”?

When you try to minister in an area that God never meant for you, things are not going to flow or fall in place. It’s kinda like a fat guy in a little coat.  It doesn’t “fit” him because it wasn’t made for him.  This can also cause confusion, which is not a Godly thing.

When you definitely know what God has called you to do, do it with all of your heart.  Let God do the leading and ask Him to hide you behind the cross, so that people only see Him in you.

Don’t be a fat guy in a little coat.  Your ministry will be a perfect fit!