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Help Me Lord, For I Am Weary

Lord I am needing You more, I know that I’ve prayed this prayer before. Lord it seems that each passing day increases my need.

Whenever the calm starts to blow. Whenever my friend becomes my foe. When I feel all alone and nobody else knows, I go back on my knees.

Back on my knees where I can talk to my Father. He hears the sigh, whisper, or cry from someone like me.

Any place I can find becomes an old tear stained alter. Making my faith known, in touch with the throne, back on my knees.

Lord I am weary in this race and I’m well aware that there is no second place. To win or to lose, in my own hands, is my destiny.

So Lord here I am once again, to pray til I catch my second wind. I’ve found in this race that I keep better pace if I run on my knees.

This is the words to an old song by the McFalls. I have always loved the words to it and it is the type of song that can be used now as it was then. It is timeless.

As this world is drawing to an end, (I believe that we are not far from Christ’s return), I have found that it gets harder and harder to press forward in this race. My desire is for God to find me “so doing” when He returns to get His children. I never want to be in His way or out of His will. In these last days, it is so important to keep going and not give up. If you fail, get back up, don’t stay down. We all have sinned and come short of the glory of God. It is by His grace that we are forgiven.

My strength is non-existent, but God’s strength makes me strong. There are so many times that I get so weary that I just want to quit and give up. I have to hide myself in the shadow of His wings and get rid of “self weakness” so that He can do the pushing me on.

If you find yourself weary, let God “re-boot” you. Get re-energized and press forward! It’s gonna be worth it all!