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When Rain Starts Falling, It’s Too Late

There are so many people in need right now. This world is hurting. There seems to be no hope for several during this time of uncertainty. Jobs are scarce. Food sources are depleting due to natural disaster. Those who do have the means to help others have grown more selfish and have turned to hoarding what they have. Society is “drinking” up their resources or buying drugs, gambling, or anything else to find an unnatural high, to tune out God’s wooing.

In the days of Noah, he warned that the rain was coming. For the people to get ready. But because it had never rained before, the people did not believe him. They carried on with their ways of life and those ways were not pleasing to God.

In these days of perilous times, and this is NOT the worst of it by any means, people have been warned and warned over and over, that the day of Christ return is at hand. Instead of getting ready, they continue to live as the people in the day of Noah did. Doing what “feels good” to them. Believing every wave of doctrine.

My Bible tells me that the ONLY way to Heaven, is through Christ Jesus. If you believe in any other way, or agree with anyone on their ways and it’s not Jesus, you are calling the Bible a lie and my God a liar. My God does not lie. The father of lies is satan himself and his deception has corrupted this earth. Satan has caused people to believe that their works can get them to Heaven or any other god can lead them there. NOT TRUE! Jesus is the ONE true way.

We need to ask God to open the eyes of our heart and be bold enough to speak the unadulterated Word of God to those who are not walking in His ways. Because when the rain starts falling, it’s too late…