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Stinkin’ Ink

Pencils. I just love pencils. You can do whatever you want, however you want, and if you decide you don’t like it? You just flip the pencil over and ta-da!!! There’s this thing called an eraser. Pencils do not have to be permanent. If you mess up or make a mistake, you can erase it and start over.

People. People are entirely different. People aren’t like pencils at all. People are like ink pens.

Ink. Now that’s something that’s gonna stick. You can’t erase ink. Sometimes it even causes a big, sloppy stain. Yep, that’s it. People are just like ink pens. And if you mess up? Tough. If you make a mistake? Sorry, too bad. You’re just gonna have to deal with it. No erasers here. Yeah, you may be able to scribble over it, but it’s still there.

God didn’t make us like pencils because we weren’t created to fix ourselves. A lot of times we waste our lives by attempting to do the impossible—-erase our every problem, sin, mistake, hardship, et c. Guess what? That’s not our job. But guess what else? Just because we can’t do the impossible doesn’t mean that God can’t. He may have created all of us ink pens, but He also created the ultimate Magic Eraser—-Jesus. Magic Erasers can erase anything. Even a permanent marker! Jesus made the greatest sacrifice of His life to be an eraser to a lost and dying world of ink pens. Mr. Clean ain’t got nothing on that guy!