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ByJennifer A. Janes

Keys To Waiting Effectively

Keys To Waiting Effectively - Raising Sticky Hands To Heaven
These are tough times. My family is struggling, and almost every other family I know is struggling too, in one way or another. I’ve been praying and asking God for relief, for breakthrough, for help, for rescue – and not just for my family, but for all of us.


The good news is that prayer and focus on God are drawing me closer to Him and are showing me more about who He is, which reminds me what He is capable of. When I can remember that God is bigger than any situation or circumstance we find ourselves in, I am filled with peace. And peace is a great thing to have when you’re waiting to see God work in the situations that concern you!


Two keys to effectively waiting are:


  • Pray. Until recently, although I felt called to pray (and I did!), I wasn’t as focused and dedicated as I should have been. I’ve been reading a book about being a prayer warrior that has helped me to understand the importance of prayer and how critical it is to be fervent and faithful. When we all pray together, the impact on the spiritual roots of our problems is even more powerful!
  • Praise. Instead of worrying and fretting about what our families need, we need to spend our time praising God for who He is, what He’s done in our lives, and what He’s going to do. We need to play music that lifts God’s name and our spirits. When my home is filled with praise music, I find myself worrying less and trusting God more. I am filled with hope and faith, which are what God wants me to have instead of fear and anxiety. (It doesn’t mean I’m not concerned, but it means I’m resting and trusting in Him.)


I don’t have all the answers. My family has been waiting for answers to some of our prayers for a long time. What I do know is that prayer and praise change things! Even if my situation doesn’t change, my heart changes, and sometimes that’s the bigger answer to the prayer I didn’t pray.


Leaving Behind A Legacy With Words & Actions

“Just wait ’til your daddy gets home!”
“I am NOT going to tell you again!”
“How many times do I have to tell you?”

I often find myself yelling these phrases at my 4 children. Not because I want to, but out of the habit of frustration. With my husband being a fire chief and self-employed on the side, I often find myself, in what I call “single parent syndrome”. (Though I have full partnership in parenting our children and this is in NO DISRESPECT, whatsoever, to single parents.) I am often alone with our children and they definitely have their moments when they don’t want to listen.

I don’t want to leave a legacy of yelling and discord with my children. I want them to remember how much I love them and that I would give my very life for them. I want them to remember to love others, no matter what. To bless others. To give even if you have to give your last. To always give God their first fruits in tithe and offerings. That God is first and foremost in our lives and that we must surrender to Him.

These are the things that I want to plant into the hearts of my children. David and I, also, want to make sure that our children know that we love each other. The things that a marriage is built on. That it’s okay to disagree as long as it’s agreeably. If they see him give me a kiss on the cheek or an out and out smooch, they also see the love and fun that radiates from it.

We always make sure that we hug our children and tell them that we love them. I want them to know how to nurture their children, when that day comes. It’s so important for them to know how much we love them and that we are proud of them. A child should always feel secure in the love of their parents and the love that Christ has for them.

I pray, daily, that God will bless my children and help me be the mother that He has called me to be. To give me the wisdom and guidance to help them through this life.

So when it comes to your life, are you sure about what kind of legacy you are leaving for your children? Are you on the right track? If not, there is still time to make a U-turn. Have a blessed day and go give those kiddos a huge hug and a kiss and tell them you love them.


Where Does My Legacy Begin?

Knowing how to go about being a Godly example that will be kindly remembered is not easy for all. Especially for those who did not have an example set before them as they were being raised. It’s really not a difficult thing to do, but figuring out where to start can be a challenge, as with anything unfamiliar.

My personal advice would be to start praying with your children. Not just for them or quick bedtime, illness, or meal prayers. All of those prayers are important also. However, when you pray with them you are teaching them how to pray and feel comfortable praying in front of others.

Another idea that would be wonderful is to begin a family devotion time. Whether it be daily or weekly, it gives you a chance to sit and discuss the Lord with your children. Think your little ones wouldn’t enjoy? You might just be surprised! There are quite a few options as far as devotional books and Bibles go for kids and families of all ages. Even toddlers!

The obvious suggestion: Attend church and take your children. This will give them a good habit to have when they’re older. “Sunday means church time” will be instilled in their hearts and minds.

I know all of these things seem so simple, but they really do make a world of difference!

How about you? Is there anything you’re doing to help create your legacy? I’d love to hear about it!