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Sticky Hands: Slacker Is As Slacker Does…

I know some ridiculously, faithful, procrastinators out there!! One of them is very dear to me, but I won’t tell ya’ll who it is. (I hope my sister doesn’t read this! Lol) They wait til the “last minute” is passed before actually being motivated enough to do what needs to be done.

I am NOT like that. I am actually, very impatient, in many areas of my life. When I know something has to be done, lets get it done and over with, like, yesterday! Mark that thing off of the to-do list!
I don’t like dragging around. If we’re gonna do something, let’s do it. If we need to go somewhere, let’s go. If something needs to be started, not only start it, but finish it! If we have to leave by such and such time, late is not an option.
Unfortunately, not everyone cares if you are like that. Their time is not your time. They enjoy the much slower pace of life. “It’ll get done when it gets done” mentality. They don’t only stop to smell the roses, they have to caress it, pluck surrounding dead areas, tell everyone how good it smells, and encourage others to smell it… oh, come on! Stop the insanity!
Clearly, patience is the vitue that I lack in abundance. I don’t think that I plan on prayin’ for it anytime soon either. I guess I have to keep in mind that “it takes all kinds”. There would be alot of pile ups if we all were in a hurry…