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Back To School Week: You’ve Got A Friend In Me

The back-to-school season is exciting for some and scary for others. Some kids are “naturally” friendly when it comes to introducing themselves to others. For some kids, not so much. It can be overly mortifying for the ones whom are shy or so called backwards. If you have a child who tends to be outgoing, instill into them to be friendly to those who need their attention.

In today’s society, children can be mean. Bullying has become the norm in most schools. Especially if you don’t have the right clothes, the right last name, or play that certain sport.

One instance that sticks out in my mind, took place a few years ago, when my oldest daughter was in 3rd grade. I was subbing on this day and was having cafeteria duty at breakfast time. I watched as Josie and several of her classmates were sitting down, some talking and some eating. Another boy from their grade had just got his breakfast tray and sat down to join them. To my dismay, I watched in brokenness, as every child got up from that table and moved to another one because they didn’t want him to sit with them. All except my daughter, Josie. I watched in proud amazement as Josie got up with her tray and went to sit down right next to the boy. That was a moment I will never forget and was so glad that I had the opportunity to watch it from afar.

So as your child or children are preparing to go back to school, prepare them to show love and friendship to everyone that they come across. Not only the students but teachers and support staff as well. They may be the only way that some children get to see God and His ways.


Back To School Week: Praying Over The School Year

Regardless of if you homeschool or send your children to a brick and mortar school, there is one very important first step we all as parents need to do before anything else:


Prayer is the key to success in all areas in life. Child hood education is so crucial to prosperity in adult hood. Obviously, we as parents all pray for the little minds of our little ones (and bigger ones!) to be able to absorb, find patience, and not be stressed. That their grades be good and their studies come easily to them. But often, as the school year begins, we forget about so many other factors we should be praying for.

I’m guilty for this also…

I’ve begun to make a list of items to pray over my children (both homeschooled and public schooled) as they begin this next school year… and to go over again every morning.

  • Spiritual Well Being: It is my greatest wish that all of my children know Jesus as their personal Savior. While my oldest 2 have accepted Him into their hearts, I pray that they keep their promise to the Lord and are not tempted to fall away from Him due to peer pressure and distractions. For my younger children, I pray that as soon as they are old enough to grasp the understanding of salvation that they will also walk the narrow way and seek a relationship with God.
  • Safety (Emotional & Physical):Things happen. Untied shoe laces trip little feet. Bullies are mean. Bikes crash. I don’t need to go on. My prayer is that the Lord place a hedge around my “babies” and keep them safe. At home, at school, and everywhere else!
  • Teacher(s):As I both have children who homeschool and go to public school, I am praying for myself and those who educate my children outside of the home. Also, my homeschooled children sometimes take online classes from educators such as Founders Academy. Then the ones who give my children lessons in extra curricular activities. I pray that their teachers are given strength, wisdom, patience, and find blessing and favor in the Lord. That they know how appreciated they truly are. And of course, that they treat my children nicely! 😉 For myself? I pray that I am guided by the Holy Spirit to choose curriculum, set my lessons in place, and for a HUGE abundance of patience.
  • Friends:I pray that my children find healthy friendships, can be a blessing to other children they know, and are treated by others fairly. That their friends will love Jesus. That they will be kind to others, and no enemies are made.
  • Other Staff: So many times as a parent we tend to forget the others who have a part in our child’s day to day life. The bus driver, the cafeteria staff, the school office administration, occupational therapist, recess monitor… They all deserve my prayers too! They are a large part of my child’s day also and deserve to be blessed.
  • Health: Everyone knows that as the school year goes on, kids get sick. Especially if they are in a class room with other kids who just so happen to be ill. My prayer is that they are protected and their immune systems strong!

What about you? Do you have a “prayer list” for the year? Have something I should add to my list? Feel free to share!