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Integrity Over Popularity

OMGosh!  It never fails to behoove me, to see the kids in our school and observe the way they treat each other.  They are so pre-occupied with impressing each other than doing the “right” thing.  It doesn’t matter what they say because it doesn’t matter who’s feelings they hurt.  This type of behavior begins at home.  When the kids see their parents acting in this childish behavior, it plants a seed for others to come by and water, and then a root system begins to grow.

Which will you choose?

I tell my kids all of the time that they are responsible for themselves.  No one is going to make them live a life for Christ. I can lead them and guide them in the way that they should go, but I can’t be with them every second of the day.  That is why I teach them to hide the Word of God in their heart, so that they can draw on it in times of need.

Popularity doesn’t do anything for you in life. It will not get you to Heaven, and you truly don’t have any REAL friends.  Don’t get me wrong, there is a time and a place for popularity.  But if given the choice, always choose integrity.  Choose what’s right over pleasing others because it’s what they want you to do.
As mothers, or people who have a strong influence over the life of children, it is not too late to set a good example. To teach others integrity.