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‘Tis A Gift To Be Simple

If your anything like me, you’ve probably have a lot more junk lying around than what you need.  It sometimes over takes my home to the point that I get overwhelmed.  Whether or not it’s the kids junk laying around because they didn’t pick up after themselves, the dirty laundry piling up, or dishes piled and overflowing the sink: I can NOT stand the clutter!

Our hearts can get into a mess like that also.  We pile so much junk into our hearts to the point that God can’t stay there comfortably.  The “weeds” start to overgrow to the point that it pushes God out.
As we clean up our homes and weed out the junk, for a greater start to this new year, make sure you do some pruning on your heart also.

** If you have cleaned out your closets, garages, toy boxes, etc., be a blessing and donate the things that you do not want, to your local missions or Goodwill.  Our church receives things on a regular basis, and we distribute to the public at NO charge.  Someone will greatly appreciate your donation!**


The “Simple” Calling

Some people are called to do great things in this life.

  • Missionaries
  • Pastors
  • Musicians
  • Teachers
  • Evangelists

The list could go on and on…

What about the rest of us? Those of us that are “everyday people”… What are we? Chopped liver? The answer is NO!

There are many things you are doing for God on a daily basis. You teach your children right from wrong, you encourage your spouse, you are a silent witness to the UPS delivery man even though he doesn’t bring the much anticipated order you’ve been waiting on until 8:08pm (Yeah, that happened in our home today…) etc etc etc.

On Wednesdays I will be talking about “simple” callings. Why do I have simple in quotations? Because why it may come off as something that is easy, it really is not. I’m not doing this for just anyone, though I do hope that you are blessed by it. I’m doing it for me too. Let’s all learn together about how to answer the call of the so-called every day Christian!