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The Ten Commandments & Golden Rule of FaceBook

First of all, I want to state that I’m not trying to be preachy. We have all sinned and fallen short of the Glory of Christ. I, myself, have been guilty many times of venting, arguing, and not watching my actions on social media, particularly FaceBook. That being said, I’ve also been hurt on social media. (Let’s face it, who hasn’t said something they shouldn’t have or been hurt at some point?) So please keep this in mind before you read any further, as the intent of Lona and I when we decided to bring forth this message was to help others and prevent heartaches, not to seem “holier than thou”. Thank you.

My dear friend Lona and I have been having some serious discussions about social media lately. We have both noticed that a lot of our friends and family have seemed to let their emotions get the better of them which leads them to post things on FaceBook that they shouldn’t. Some of those posts are hurtful or embarrassing, and are full of words they would never say if they were physically in front of the people they are broadcasting their drama to.

Lona has taken the time to create a list of FaceBook Ten Commandments, and has asked that I share them with you. I really like what she has to say here:




Even adults have become childlike with tantrums and digs at loved ones on social media. I’ll even raise my hand and admit that there have been times in the past that I have done this. Awhile back God convicted me of this, and since then I do my best (remember I am human) to try to not post anything that could be considered “Vaguebooking”. You know, where you post a vague status that no one is sure if you are talking about them or not. In other words, if a post is going to seem cryptic, causes confusion, or could be hurtful to someone, I just don’t post it. “If you can’t post anything nice, then just don’t post anything at all.” Makes sense, right? I would never want to make my friends, family, colleagues, or others that might be on my FaceBook friends list or my Twitter followers awkward or uncomfortable in person, so why would I want to do that online?


Golden Rule of FaceBook


Here is a scripture to really make you think about it all, I know it is one that has really helped me.

 1 Peter 1:15  NKJV – But as He who called you is holy, you also be holy in all your conduct…

Notice how I highlighted all? That’s the part that got me. He didn’t say just be holy when you’re happy and standing in front of your friends and loved ones that you get along with perfectly. He said ALL your conduct. Meaning even when you’re angry, holding your phone, and feel like telling all of the mutual friends of you and the person you are in a conflict with exactly how you feel. It includes when your classmate from first grade posts a political status that you disagree with. ALL your conduct. Not just some.


1 Peter 1 15


Just remember, God knows everything that is going on everywhere, even on FaceBook:


Would Jesus Like This


Will you join us on the challenge? Will you do everything you can to keep your Timeline, Feed, and all posts peaceful?