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Time To Change That Diaper!

There are some things far worse than seeing boys walk around, with their pants hanging down between their legs in public. But not many.

I can not stand the “saggin” look. Recently, my family was at one of the larger malls in Nashville eating at the food court. Low and behold, this group of young men walk by, strutting their stuff, looking like they had taken a big ol’ dump in their pants! One boy’s pants were so far down, he was literally walking with his legs over a foot apart to keep them up. My six year old daughter started pointing and laughing because it was so ridiculous looking. I looked at her and said rather loudly, “looks like his diaper is full doesn’t it?”

Now keep in mind, you have to be really careful saying stuff like that in public, because you never know when you might get shot, but it just popped out of my mouth!

He HAD to have heard what I said because he started “pulling” at his pants. Not pulling them all the way up, but just enough tug to look like he was embarrassed. He still had to look “cool” for his friends…

It was past time to change that diaper!



We all remember this bracelet fad from the mid to late 90’s. And for many of us, it really was just that -a fad- and nothing more. The other day I came across one of these bracelets and my first thought was, “Cool! I haven’t seen one of these in years!” But then I began to think about the acronym someone somewhere created years ago and what it was truly meant to be.
I’m sure it wasn’t meant to be just a passing fad that everyone from your pastor’s son to the town drunk indulged in for a short period of time, wearing the colorful bracelets on their wrists. It was meant to be a question for us to seriously ponder on before any move we made or word we spoke. What would Jesus do? Before we act on any situation, before we respond to unkind words, before we drive by the homeless man looking for a ride, before we ignore the girl crying in the Walmart parking lot, before we continue to pass on a rumor that isn’t true, before we refuse to help our neighbor in need, before we do anything, we should consider what exactly it is that Jesus would do.

I realized how important it is that I start taking this question seriously in my own everyday life and experiences. Before I act in any situation that I’m in, I should think about how Jesus would handle it. If I am to be a reflection of Him, then I have to be like Him. And if I react the way He would, if I look at things the way He sees them, if I only speak what He would, then things will be a lot easier in my life. I would set a much better example for those around me and especially for my kids. I would be happier and not so miserable.

After my blast from the past with this rainbow W.W.J.D. bracelet, I decided I would start wearing it again, but for a better reason now. Who cares if the fashion statement has passed or if it’s out of style? Not me. That’s not what it’s about. It’s about making the right choices and decisions in day to day living because I know what Jesus would do, and my desire is to be like Him.