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Yes, Mr. Santa Claus, There Is A Jesus

Merry Christmas Mr. Santa
Let me tell you why you’re here
This day’s not about you
There’s a reason for this cheer

The season’s all around us
There’s a spirit in the air
So listen while I tell you
What Christmas has to share

Many, many years ago
Before you were even make believe
A King was born on Christmas day
Knowing he would have to leave

He was born to man a Savior
He knew His destiny
He lived a life of suffering
To save you and me

Now you take all the credit
For granting little one’s their wishes
But did you ever feed a
Multitude with five little fishes?

Did you ever stop a stormy sea
Or turn water into wine?
Did you ever open up deafened ears
Or give sight to the blind?

Did you ever heal a bleeding woman
And give comfort to her soul?
Did you give her peace within herself
And tell her she was whole?

Did you quicken some one’s spirit
As tears ran down their face?
Were you able to forgive their sins
And save them by your grace?

Did you walk for miles to raise
The dead across the desert sand?
Can you say you did all of this and
Calmed the sea with your hand?

Can you live up to how he died?
Can you even compare such a gift?
Can you add pain and suffering
To your Christmas list?

Do you feel somewhat guilty
For taking all the fame?
Do you know no matter what you do
You’ll never change His name?

And if we told every child
The real meaning of this day
I have no doubt the universe
Would fall to their knees and pray

Things would be so different
If they knew the true story
Of why we celebrate
A King in all of His Glory

You see Mr. Santa Claus
We’re not just cruising through
There really was a Savior
Born to save me and you

My Christmas wish is you
Believe in what is really true
There’s really not much else
I can’t think that you could do

My hope lies in a gift
That long ago left the tree
My hope is in my Savior
Who died for you and me