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I Wonder Why…

I wonder why… when you leave a car door open or trunk, lift gate, etc., your light will read, “door ajar”? Why the “ajar”? Why not put “open”? They both have 4 letters. It’s not like they are saving space…

I wonder why… As soon as you get home from somewhere, and your ready to turn the car off, your favorite song will come on?

I wonder why… when I’m not going to go anywhere and I fix my hair, it always does better than if I was actually gonna go somewhere?

I wonder why… it’s impossible to hold your eyes open when you sneeze?

I wonder why… other people seem to find the most perfect deals and it’s like you couldn’t have found a deal like that if your life depended on it?

I wonder why… your favorite DVD will tear up in a heartbeat, but the annoying one that you wish would tear up, seems to be indestructible?

I wonder why… when the trash can is overflowing, and your children see that it is overflowing, that is when they continue to put trash into it?

Things that make you go “hmmm”!