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A Child Like Perspective

I remember when my oldest niece, Josie, was in the fourth grade and came home one evening to let Karen (her mom/my awesome sister!) go through the papers in her backpack. Apparently her teacher had them do a composition write up each week and they were given a prompt. This particular week the directions were as follows, “Write a composition in which you tell about your favorite activity and explain how to do it. Give step-by-step instructions.”

Once Karen read what Josie had written and then let me read it, I asked to keep it because I knew I wanted to write about it one day. I was amazed that it was from a child. Her response to the prompt was this,

“My favorite activity is worshiping God. Do you know what this means? You
have asked God into your heart. All you have to do is, first, you repent. Next, you
go to church and give a praise report that you have done this. Then, you lift your
hand and pray. Finally, you ask for forgiveness every night and love Him like He
loves you.”

Wow! See how simple it is? When a fourth grader (she is now in junior high and believes much the same way) can so easily grasp the concept, it should put us adults to shame. My favorite part of her response is the very last phrase- “Love Him like He loves you.” Now that right there says it all. Yes, we may love God, but do we really love Him like He loves us? More than likely, we’ll find that the answer is no. And quite frankly, I believe we’ll never be able to love Him like He loves us because His love NEVER fails. However, we can most definitely spend our lives striving to love Him like He loves us.

Are we teaching our kids the proper way to love God? Are we setting a proper example? Maybe we should examine ourselves and change the way we approach God, our Heavenly Father. Jesus even says, “Assuredly, I say to you, unless you are converted and become as little children, you will by no means enter the kingdom of heaven.” (Matthew 18:3) It’s that plain and simple and Josie GOT it. I think we should try to look at it from Josie’s point of view. Maybe then, we might just get it, too.


I Think I Can… I Think I Can…

I can draw, but Michaelangelo was a much better artist.
I can sing, but no where near as well as my mom and sister. And definitely not as well as Mariah Carey or Whitney Houston.
I can preach, but not like T.D. Jakes, or my own awesome pastor, Larry McClure.
I can cook, but I’m no Paula Dean. Most aren’t impressed with my meals.
I can write, but it’s nothing like Maya Angelou or Emily Dickinson.

There are many things I can do, but there is always someone that can do them better and there always will be. The main thing is, I CAN. God called me to do…to do as me, like me. Not anyone else.

Now, you’ll have to excuse me. I’m off to do what God called me to do and not compare myself to others anymore. I’m out to be me, to be like me, and to be as good as me. Actually, I’m out to be like Him. That’s all that really matters.

Make a list of what you can do. It can be anything from playing an instrument to painting your toenails. 😉 However, it has to be just a list of what you can do. Leave off the ‘but.’ That part isn’t important.


Empty Nest Syndrome

Unlike the rest of the wonderful ladies that I get the pleasure to blog with my children are all grown, actually thought I would enjoy the peace and quiet when my husband and I were free to do what ever we wanted. “WRONG”, depression hit like a ton of bricks, for over a year I could barely function… My daughter moved away, starting with baby steps, first to Victorville then to Bakersfield, and on to Tennessee,, now even further, they are pastoring in Illinois, I feel blessed knowing she is serving the Lord… but not being able to watch my grandchildren grow up is the hardest thing I have ever had to face… I feel my grandchildren are my greatest accomplishment……..They are truly my joy.. each child with their own personality
I would give anything to go back and spend time with my children.. knowing what I know now things would have been totally different. I would of had them in church from the moment they were born… I Try so hard to tell people how important it is if you want to raise a loving caring child then you need to teach him the love of Jesus…. It’s our job to do just that… I made so many mistakes, but by the grace of God I have let that go, I know my Lord and savior has forgiven me, and with that I can go on doing the work he has called me to do… I feel it’s so important for young mothers to know that the house work is not all that important… those dishes will be there, those unmade beds aren’t going anywhere either… So go ahead and get your hands sticky with those lil guys, your making a memory every time you do… and you can bet they love every minute of it…. Do I feel worthy to be able to be a part of this lil group, ‘NO’ but I do feel blessed, And pray for me, because I get very nervous when I think about blogging, if you have read some of the post from the other ladies then you will know why…… I’m sure God knows my desires and He has never let me down. so please bare with me.. God isn’t finished with me yet. You will find most of my post are poems… My desire is to write a book, with short stories and poems mixed, I honestly believe in my heart that the four of us ladies could write a book, It wasn’t by accident we got here, God is good and he has a plan for us. He put the four of us together for a reason, and I’m ready to find out what that reason is …. I just got to figure out how to do it all, my computer skills are not the best…. Any way I just wanted to get acquainted with you all and let you know you will be hearing more from… go wash those hands and get ready to lift them up… After all praising Jesus is all that really matters….