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Take Me Back

“Tell me, when did I lose my first love? Where did the fire and passion go? Burn in my Your holy fire. Give me back my lost desire and restore in my the love I felt for You.” (Lyrics from “First Love” by Avalon)

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Remember when you first met your spouse? Your heart would leap at the mere sound of his voice. You didn’t mind talking on the phone for hours, even if the conversation was about nothing in particular. You just longed for the conversation. You would jump at the chance to spend time with him. Not only that, but you would take your time to get ready for him. Before date night, you would make sure your hair and make-up were done properly and that you had the right outfit on. You wanted everything to be perfect for the night ahead and you wanted him to be proud to have you on his arm.

Come on now. I know I wasn’t the only one!

First comes love, then comes marriage, then here you come with a baby carriage. Life happens. You still love him and you still enjoy spending time with him, but you’ve lost the zeal. You have become comfortable with him, knowing the ins and outs of who he is, so the excitement has dropped off. The telephone conversations have dropped to lasting a few minutes with a quick, “LoveyouBye” before you hang up. He has seen you at your worst- hair in a blobby mess, no make-up, sloppy pajamas, and *gasp* unpainted toenails. Therefore, you tend not to spend the time to prepare yourself for date night like you did before. That is, if there even is a date night. Yes, you’re still in love with him, but life has taken over. If you want the zeal and excitement back, you have to be willing to work on adding some spice into the recipe:
1 c. make-up before your next outing
2 pinches of spontaneous love letters
1/4 tsp. butterflies in your tummy
3 heaping tbs. giddiness
A big dash of remembering what drew you in the first place.

Okay, okay, so I’m preaching to myself here. Corny as it may seem, it’s true. Whether you want to admit it or not, it’s true. And although you may not have meant for it to be this way, it’s true. We may be able to get away with this in our marriages (unfortunately), however, when it comes to our relationship with God, this is a big NO NO. Today I was reading in Revelation, and was struck with verse 4 in chapter 2, “Nevertheless I have somewhat against you, because you have left your first love.”

So let’s start over. Remember when you first met your Savior, Jesus? Remember how you longed to spend hours in prayer, in conversation with the Lord? Remember the passion you had, wanting to soak up every bit of His word? Remember your desire to be in His presence, preparing yourself to get to church and worship amongst other believers? Yes, we love Him, but we have lost our zeal. We need to get back to a place where we earnestly yearn to seek the Lord and cannot wait to be with Him. We are His bride and He desires for us to desire Him. It’s time that we repent and return to our first love. He longs for us to make Him our number one priority (even in our crazy busy lives) and become passionate for Him yet again. And in doing this, we’ll likely see it reflect on our marriages, too.