To Infinity And Beyond!


To Infinity And Beyond!

Credit Robert ProksaI remember as a child the “I love you more” wars I would have with my mom. It would turn into “I love you infinity” and she would always end with “I love you infinity times infinity!”

Several months ago, I was on the phone with my mom and she said, “I love you more.” I was about to argue, when I thought about my own daughters. That’s when I realized that my mother had been right all those years. She really does love me more. Does that lessen my love for her? Of course not! But now that I can comprehend a mother’s love, I know there’s no way my daughters can love me more than I love them. I told my mom, “You know what? You’re right. You’re the mom and you probably really do love me more.”

The other night I told my oldest, Naomi, that I loved her. She told me she loved me more and I smiled as I thought back to my own childhood and my recent revelation. For her sake, I played along and we bickered about who loved who more. But I know that one day when she has children of her own, she’ll receive the same revelation I did…the revelation of a mother’s love…and she’ll know that I really do love her more.

A mother’s love is great, but it can never compare to a Father’s love-the Heavenly Father, that is. If you are a mother, take a minute and ponder on the love you hold for your children. Now imagine that love even greater, and know you are loved and cherished by the Father above.

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Emily is a wonderful mother of two beautiful girls. She is teaching them to serve God with all their hearts. Emily is also a wonderful wife to an anointed pastor in western Kentucky. She is a wonderful helpmate both spiritually and physically in her husband's ministry. She is dedicated to God and to spreading the gospel and Love of Jesus. (Written by her husband, Markus. ;) )